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  1. Just a few months away from track season…
  2. With the little bit of rain we had today should be just enough to soften the ground and make it easier to rip up the goal post!
  3. Hopefully the softball will change with the new coaching changes.
  4. Ha! I’m still around!! Mama told me when you ain’t got nothing nice to say, just don’t say anything at all...
  5. SMH! Good luck the rest of the season Bear fans!!
  6. Sabine’s 1st string will be riding the pine during the entire 4th quarter. 42-7 Sabine wins
  7. Sabine should be on top of Tatum! That’s if you are doing it in alphabetical order...
  8. So Okla St, Baylor, Kansas...What other offers has he had so far?
  9. Will this game be streamed on radio? I know it’s on NHFS, But I need to be listening while driving!! I know a radio station out of Oklahoma did the Pottsboro/Sabine game..
  10. One thing I love about District 8 is during district this was the most smack talking, you momma insults and down right wanting to fight... But when it’s playoffs we all come together as a loving family and root each other on..
  11. Today is a good day to make history Sabine!!
  12. Anybody knows if this game will be streamed?
  13. That one handed catch!!! That was sick!!!
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