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  1. Actually this one is not like moves in the past, the church doesn’t have anything to do with this move. and as far as Mrs. (not Miss) Castles, I do not know her personally but I very seriously doubt she would be on a message board trying to defend her husband. The only reason I have expressed as much as I have is because of the way this has all been handled to people that I know. I agree with some of the other people in here... coaches get moved all the time but there is a professional way to do it.
  2. I have no idea what you just said. QB and had issues with the previous baseball coach also
  3. So what players moved out “right and left”? Two moved to Carthage. One of them moved bc his dad thought he should be playing a different position. Another moved to Weet Rusk bc he didn’t want to play offensive line. So should Castles have catered to the players and let them play the position they wanted? Do you know some other BS that you want to share or are you just talking bc you have something against Castles?
  4. He got second at Pitt and at Atlanta. Could have sworn being second was close but I guess not...
  5. You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about because Henderson has the least amount of talent in the high school than they have ever had.
  6. I don’t understand your reference but to answer your question there has been a ton of turnover in all sports bc Henderson doesn’t take care of their coaches. They don’t pay extra days. Their stipends are average. Their budgets are God awful. I was told supply budget is $2,000 for most sports... oh and that’s supposed to provide for junior high too.
  7. So how does that make a difference the previous year? Exact same team, exact same kids that supposedly played AAU ball together so how come they didn’t make a run in the playoffs like they did with the next coach???
  8. That’s because everything is already in place.
  9. Hard to lock a thread that is full of facts. I can guarantee that every single thing I have said is fact. I have more that I could say but don’t want to put certain individuals personal business out there.
  10. I never said I heard it from “another guy”. I said a “first hand source”. I don’t care if anybody here believes anything I have said but I know 100% it is true. Somebody needs to speak up for the good people that have been screwed over the last few weeks. Might as well speak for them myself ...
  11. Or when have you heard of an Assistant Supt showing up to basketball practices and sitting in the stands to critique the coach? Or even worse, when have you ever heard of an assistant Supt making the basketball coaches sit in the stands and tell them “I’m going to show y’all how to coach basketball today”
  12. Let’s just say a first hand source told me... and since when has an assistant superintendent held daily meetings with the AD and forcing the AD to run all “athletic issues” through him. Since when does an AD answer to anybody besides the Supt?
  13. Yea this is all true. The only thing I can’t confirm is the news on the band director but everything else is spot on. The assistant supt. Is the one that’s supposedly taking over. He would watch basketball practice on the security cameras from his office and then email the basketball coach after practice and tell him what he was doing wrong and what he should do differently. He’s definitely out of line and anybody that’s going to work at HISD in the future doesn’t know what they’re getting themselves into.
  14. Henderson is screwing coaches over left and right! New administration is garbage.
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