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  1. Matt, do you have any record of Class B during these alignments? I'm pretty sure that's where Crandall was at the time.
  2. Not putting Crandall and the Forney schools together when half of CISD's population has a Forney zip code would be ridiculous, but then again this is the UIL we're talking about
  3. I don't see the UIL splitting Wilmer-Hutchins from the rest of DISD, no matter how much sense it makes geographically
  4. I knew Crandall was in for a down year after all that talent graduated, but GEEZ
  5. It's at 7:30 https://twitter.com/CrandallSports/status/1061119911710339073
  6. Crandall/Henderson is in Palestine Friday night. If we were playing Van it would have been in Mesquite Thursday night.
  7. When we played CH a few years back it was at Royse City, it’s closer to us but it could work
  8. Does anyone have info on dates/times for playoff matchups?
  9. Crandall’s week 2 game got canceled, week 3 there was a lightning delay, then week 4 moved the game to last night and still had about an hour lightning delay.
  10. Crandall is up 33-0 at halftime
  11. I went to Scurry-Rosser’s old field a few years back for a peewee game, the visitor’s stands were made of wood and held maybe 50 people, and were overflowing with Crandall fans. The announcer even invited people to change sides, since the home side was actually really nice and had maybe 15 people in it
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