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  1. as long as the Teague Lions have the BIG 3 (Coleman & both Heard's) I forsee them making a big run at winning state.
  2. I know a Tommy Allison team is never going to be terrible and Teague did make them looked like that Saturday. I feel that we might just be looking at a very special Teague team and barring major injury Teague vs Cameron Yoe will be a must see game. I do know that it was just a scrimmage but I feel like Teague is the real deal. I know the pass game has to improve but they did throw 2 TDs.
  3. The next several years will be the best in Teague history because of one factor "they will have Coach Osborn" and not to mention a ton of talent.
  4. Since the season has ended till now I have looked into what a few programs brings back and since I follow the Teague Lions I have really followed what they have coming back. Their strengths will be #1 offense/defense linemen, #2 Linebackers, #3 athleticism, #4 Depth and maybe the best thing coming back #5 coaches. The Teague lions weakness is #1 lack of experience at QB, #2 experience lost at WR and #3 secondary. The positives out weight the negatives by far and I look for the Lions to be a very tough team to beat. Good Luck to Coach Osborn and his staff as they make a championship run.
  5. The Cowboys have 5 Superbowls so I hope that Teague is like them
  6. Teague 42 Malakoff 20 Teague has to much on offense and a very good defense. Westwood coaches said that Teague's defense was very fast and Malakoff will soon find that out.
  7. It's a great day to be a Texas High School football fan.
  8. After hearing what some Teague ppl and guys on here from Malakoff say I bet the Thursday night game between the JV's will be better then most Friday nights for some teams. I will be there for sure to watch this one.
  9. Teague wins big but they have to improve the special teams or it will come back and bite them. You are not going to beat Teague just running the football. Teague scores as much as they want and WW scores maybe 3 times at best.
  10. I know Teague has kids somewhere in their program that can help fix the problems on special teams. I just can't believe that we are this far along in the season and still have a big problem with special teams. Kickoff team, kickoff return and PAT teams are horrible but punt team hasn't been used enough to put them in the class yet.
  11. Teague has probably the best 2 phases (offense&defense) of the game in 3a but if they don't fix the 3rd phase (special teams) they won't win district or a deep run in the playoffs. The special teams have been bad all year and Friday night it was horrible. I can't believe that the Teague coaching staff can't fix this problem. If or when this problem is fixed we will be looking at the best team in 3a. Come on Coach Osborn let's fix it so we can come watch y'all in Jerry's World.
  12. Malakoff and Teague might see each other 2 times this year. I'm taking Rockdale tomorrow night.
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