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  1. Gonna be a great game. Hope the refs in malakoff aren't the ones we had last night or the ones over there in Elkhart last night. Heard they weren't very good malakoff fans???? Biggest test of the year for both teams. Secondary for malakoff will have to play its best game of the year and the Teague offensive line will be the key to the lions offense if they can block the big bodies of malakoff. Teague defense was impressive last night against Westwood. Couple times they had miscues allowing #4 and #1 break big runs other than that the linebackers swarmed to the ball! I still believe Caldwell has had the better rushing attack Teague has seen all year with their average 275 across the board. The only difference malakoff would have over Caldwell is how big of a RB they have in the dowell kid. I personally believe malakoff will rush for around 225-250 as a team and score 5 TDs on the ground and get about 100-150 through the air and score a TD. Teague will be more balanced I believe they will rush for about 230-260 and score 3 on the ground. Teague will throw for over 300 in the air and score 5 TDs. This is definitely a can't miss game. Let the banter begin lol. Teague 56 Malakoff 42
  2. Mineola wins this one. Then their big games against Jefferson and Sabine after the next two weeks.
  3. Youngster go back to the Teague vs kemp post and even btex confirmed it....he said he hasn't seen it in over 15 plus years. Its called split 4-4 Inverted cover 2 bud. Its not sound football now but it was then when everyone ran the veer/running 99% of the time offenses ....reason why I said you are too young I played in the early 70s and we ran the split 4-4 son. You start in the 4-4 look dumb dumb so alingment is 4-4. It may change into something else after the ball is snapped but guess what your alingment is what you start the play in. Not what you finish in dumb dumb So you are using more than one screen name ha your cool
  4. Sabine and jefferson will have something in district to say about those guys anyways.......now back to the topic at hand. 3A D1 REGION 3
  5. I remember a statement the great coach Landry said in a interview.....if you make mistakes and turnovers against sub par teams what do you think you will do against great teams.
  6. Ya highschool ole rubber is just a troll and probably has multiple names on this site BC 903slappy is the one that said that soooo looks like rubber the one followong me. I've already had to put the youngster in his place about running a cover 2 in a 4-4 defense he just to young to know a lot about football BC that's what my high school ran back in the 70s. There is always one. Glen rose and rockdale both dropped down also and are having good years but as long as new Boston stays healthy and wall in region one no one will have to worry/sleep on mineola.
  7. Are you just looking at the teams in 3A D1 and just naming them? (In my Ron Burgundy voice)
  8. Will was a good QB at Leon and he is doing a good job as the DC at WW!
  9. Like player said and I might add Westwood isn't franklin.
  10. Well week one of district is in the books! We saw Teague dismantle Kemp but I believe everyone knew that would happen. We saw Elkhart beat Eustace 40-21 And I did not see that coming figured Eustace would come out on top but that's why you play the game. An finally we saw a very improved and hard fighting Westwood team give malakoff a good look but malakoff was to much in the end. Standings: Teague 1-0 Malakoff 1-0 Elkhart 1-0 Westwood 0-1 Eustace 0-1 Kemp 0-1 (My game of the week) Westwood 0-1 travels to Teague 1-0 Kevin Hayes returns to the lions den for the first time since leaving the lions. He brings in a hard fighting ball club with a few big hitters that play every second of the game and you gotta love that! Teague is a well oiled machine on offense and seems to be moving in the right direction on the defense and this will be a good test going against the wing T of WW. My game of the week BC Westwood gave malakoff a good look but also BC the Hayes family first return to Teague! (Bounceback game of the week) 0-1 kemp travels to 0-1 Eustace Kemp heads to Eustace for the battle of the 0-1s. Could kemp get in the end zone against Eustace or does does Eustace take out their anger on the weak yellow jackets. I hope kemp comes around but with Eustace big front I don't see it happening. (Just how good they are game of the week) 1-0 malakoff travels to 1-0 Elkhart. Malakoff will see a similar team in Elkhart that they just played in WW and that should benifit malakoff. After a huge win for Elkhart they are thrown in the fire against what a lot of ppl think the front runner for the district is. Can Elkhart stop malakoff enough to pull off another win and get the upset or do all roads lead to next weeks big match up for malakoff when the lions go to malakoff. I have: Teague 56-28 Eustace 56-14 Malakoff 49-28
  11. One thing I can safely say rubber is after tonight you were wrong about Eustace. Westwood is definitely improved and will play Elkhart for 3rd.
  12. Surrat is at the top of the list and whoever he is molding over there at the OC is going to have one heck of a career learning from him if I had to bet money. Also you gotta give it to Todd Dodge when he was at SLC....after he went to college kinda messed with him IMO but he is one of those offensive geniuses. Rusty nail at mart is a great offensive mind also. One of the best offensives year in and year out over there. Gilmers man is great as well. There are a lot of great offensives out there these days but my question is who is the man that stops offensives the best....defense wins championships!
  13. What will you say if the game is close tonight I wonder....Mr I'm never wrong
  14. You talk about how much you hate Teague posters BC they attack people with a different point of view then others.....well guess your becoming what you hate.
  15. Any indication that for tmrw nights game we may have a game on our hands instead of a blowout.
  16. Now that its district and the games start to mean more......I'm going with yoe till someone knocks them off
  17. Game of the week in this region has to be the battle of the bell. Defending state champs against unbeaten rockdale. Should be a great game.
  18. Your right but I wasn't having to tell that to him. He was just head strong that you can't run cover 2 out of 4-4.
  19. The base is 4-4 and I trying to tell him you can run a cover 2 out of 4-4....I agree completely with you on that comment! We don't stay in the 4-4. Like I've said previously if you read previous post....we run 4-3/3-4/50 look. And can run different coverage but no team has challenged Teague to run anything else. We haven't seen a speed team since Lexington. Yes mexia is in shotgun but hardly passed. Caldwell ran ran ran also. So that is why our base is 4-4 but the defense can transition into any defense it needs to for the teams we play. Just come watch us play. I bet against the wing T teams in our district we line up in a 4-4/base 50 look. Spread we run 3-4/4-3/4-2 looks.
  20. I was referencing to the cover 2 once we jump into a 4-3/3-4 type defense. BC we haven't ran any other coverage beside straight man or cover 2 on pass plays. An you can run a cover 2 in a split 4-4 defense. Its called split 4-4 inverted cover 2.....Maybe your the one that doesn't know much about football.
  21. I never said cover 2 that was the other guy
  22. Caldwell averaged 275 on the offensive line and played mean from what it looked. But time will tell. Our defense hasn't been good in years past and may not be ready for malakoff but only time will tell.
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