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  1. Teague 35 Kountze 6 2nd qtr Just in case anyone was wondering about that weak district 11.
  2. Well like I said my mistake and my apologies. Did not mean any harm. I assumed since others were talking about it that is was ok. Obviously not. Won't happen again. Just didn't expect that kind of response. I've seen people on these threads talk about injuries and numbers, and even in some cases names and never seen that kind of reaction before. Didn't know that it was taboo. Just make your point, correct me if I'm wrong and move on. Don't make it personal. Thanks for the advice.
  3. And as for you if you would have just left the "don't be a clown" part off of it and left it at that your point would have been well received and well taken and nothing else would have been said. But you wanted to push it and get personal. Maybe I was incorrect for saying a number and for that I apologize, my mistake. But I really don't see the need to take it to the level that you have taken it.
  4. If you where paying attention half this thread is about injuries. Don't think it's bad form just clarification. If I were you I would try and keep it civil and not resort to name calling or you just might end up wearing the wig and the big red nose.
  5. Knee injury. Don't think it was season ending but he will probably be out for a couple of weeks.
  6. He wasn't injured, more of just a stinger. Looked worse than what it really was. Did lose #21 thought. He may be out a while.
  7. Try and contain #4 and #10. If either of them get some room to run you won't catch them. They are small but very hard to bring down because of their quickness. Like trying to tackle Barry Sanders, especially #10. Good luck to you guys.
  8. Westwood has a way better offensive than I gave them credit for. They have three kids on that team that can flat out fly! And....they never quit! Now our tackling got a little sloppy after we were up 40-13 but I assure you that will be addressed this week. Lol. As of right now I would have to say Eustace will be the odd man out this year unless they can take down Malakoff, Westwood or Teague but I really don't see that happening with their "run only" offense.
  9. DF is a very good football team. Unfortunatley their record doesn't represent that because their 5 loses came to Atlanta, Gladewater, Gilmer and Henderson, four very good 4A teams, and us. Edgewood is also a very good football team with a stout RB and a 6'5" 235 lb D1 QB who is going to Rice. Mildred is down a little bit. Kerens is always tough and Scurry is decent as well. All five of these teams went several rounds deep in the play offs last year and will probably go again. And no disrespect to Westwood but I pose the same question back to you, what good team has Westwood beaten thus far this year? And like you I also think that Malakoff will win big tonight. I think Westwood is heading in the right direction and has done a 180 from last year but this is not the same Malakoff team from last year.
  10. Don't think you will get a very good assessment of your D on this one. Pretty sure you guys are going to shut them out. I would be shocked if they score on you. Should be an excellent opportunity for some of your younger kids to get some playing time. Good luck to you guys. Although I don't really think you will need it. Lol
  11. Lol. OMG! Teague has nothing to do with this post. Just for the record so everyone knows Teague and Malakoff play Oct 24th. Let's try and stick to the subject. Lol.
  12. Powder puff schedule? Lmao! Everyone of the teams we've played so far this year and beat made it to the playoffs last year. Some went three and four rounds deep. The combined records of the teams Westwood has played this year is 6-13. I think we hung almost 70 on you last year. Enjoy your little win streak cause it comes to a end next Friday.
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