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  1. thought it said basketball..lol never mind
  2. 18 interviews 30 min each on zoom next week....after that they'll cut the field down and do on-campus interviews the following Mon-Tues...I'd guess they'll bring in five or six
  3. apparently 18 are getting brought in for round one.....thats casting a wide net
  4. Supt has made at least some calls to some candidates....I know a Houston area coordinator and an assistant at a DFW powerhouse have been called...both have ties in previous stops to the supt
  5. superintendent has West Texas ties so I could see him looking out that way
  6. Eventually that growth from Melissa will spill over...facility upgrades are on the way
  7. I definitely think that is in play.....I think he got put in a bad situation last year going from the junior high to HFC
  8. Being told Lone Oak wants to make the hire for HFC/Boys Coordinator before Spring Break....before the supt hire....the current HFC I'm being told "is welcome to apply"
  9. Part of the issue was the lack of documentation from Nigeria.....there wasn't a lot to go on other than "he's too old"
  10. https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2021/02/03/he-was-homeless-and-worked-from-3-7-am-to-make-ends-meet-now-he-s-signed-to-play-college-football?ref=article_preview_title
  11. My guess is the supt has a list of folks he's targeted and is reaching out to proactively...if someone else of interest applies they'll look at them but this appears to be a very targeted search
  12. I mean its possible a dysfunctional or poor administration can still make a good hire...doesn't make em less dysfunctional...but just from a coaching standpoint and track record...Freeman stacks up...
  13. Freeman isn't a bad hire....we are talking about a guy who has a 44-26 record as a HC and took ding dong Bruni to a regional final....he's never been in East Texas before and he's a relative unknown but this is a guy with a good resume
  14. They've got 4 finalists.....all 4 are from outside....they'll have a name Monday for the school board
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