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  1. I think Pine Tree drops and there's a decent chance Jacksonville moves back to 5A
  2. Sherman sneaking under would be a surprise to me as well, but maybe the 6A/5A cutline jumps more than we think.. I think Dension is a real factor to drop as well... My starting point for 6A/5A is going to be 2275 and I'll work up or down based on data My starting point for 5A/4A is going to be 1325 and I'll work up or down based on data
  3. I talked to Mesquite's AD a couple of weeks ago and he did mention that there will have to be rezoning.....Mesquite's not building another HS and all the growth is in the Horn zone...while the Poteet community is a more mature, older community and shrinking.... Also don't be surprised if Mesquite ISD strongly considers opting up Mesquite Poteet to 5A-D1
  4. I'd also expect New Caney to drop back to 5A-D1 for a brief stint
  5. https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2023/09/27/2024-snapshot?ref=article_preview_title
  6. Lol The ratings aren't updated on profiles til later in the week Computer still likes Lancaster for some reason..with the 3 point home field bump I expect Lancaster to be +15 vs Tyler
  7. Lancaster bleachers are FAR away lol its a track stadium that has a football field on it
  8. Forney impressed me going to Lufkin and finally facing some adversity and coming out with a win...but Longview is a different animal
  9. I'm gonna spend two weeks thinking about this game....dont have a feel for it whatsoever....this is a must-win for both teams a loss here will be really difficult to climb back from....
  10. One of the best regular season games I've had the pleasure attending...thought Anna was gonna run away with it after the block FG return, but Celina's ensuing kickoff return really got them back in it... Anna had a major coverage gaffe at the end of regulation that allowed Celina to tie it up....you kinda felt like once Celina tied it they'd find a way to win...Celina's a force and their presence just makes Region II an absolute gauntlet...
  11. Three turnovers just killed Lancaster...but sustaining drives and actually finishing is a problem This isn't their last stand vs Longview but if they get blown out, the F it factor may kick in...they need to at least put up a fight for the sake of the 2nd half of the season
  12. Lancaster has definitely had some bad luck....I know TiEirick Martin is back and playing but he was shot in the leg...I just dont think he looks "right" if that makes sense.... the S committed to Clemson is probably done for the year...Lacy got hurt last night....they are rotating QBs and neither one can get comfortable, in a rhythm and they are splitting reps 50/50....the play in the trenches has been subpar and some of their coaching gambles just haven't paid off... That being said this is still a dangerous team that just last week played Guyer to a 28-20 game...
  13. Bingo, lots of room for interpretation with non-district games
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