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  1. Scores from all the tournaments today https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2024/05/18/week-3-texas-7-on-7-sqt-scoreboard?ref=article_preview_title
  2. https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2024/05/15/kilgore-7-on-7-sqt-coaching-interviews-kilgore-lindale-jefferson?ref=article_preview_title
  3. Sounds like the job was offered to a "big fish" who did check it out and turned the job down.... There was an internal candidate who interviewed and I've heard about 4 current HC's interviewed all with West TX ties....
  4. Coach Bryan resigned today at Howe, understandable considering what all his family is dealing with at this time. Continue to keep the Bryan's in your thoughts.
  5. My thinking is larger schools can take more chances because they can put a support system around a young coach...tougher to do at a 2A-D2 school
  6. and I didnt post this to say Coach Ramsey is a bad coach, he's a good guy and I haven't covered his teams enough to know one way or the other...its mainly to say he's coached at some REALLY difficult jobs, not sure Belichick or Saban would do much better at those places... But you have a guy who hasn't been in one place long and a school that doesn't keep coaches around long...which means he'll be there 15 years now lol
  7. Coach Ramsey has 11 years of head coaching expereince with stops at Cross Plains, Ranger, Detroit, Electra, Merkel, Morton and Bruceville-Eddy... Some really tough gigs probably places into the career record of 26-86....3 yrs is his longest stint as a HC in one spot....and knowing Colmesneil's penchant to not keep coaches around long I'll be curious to see how long he hangs around
  8. Let me be clear..I think Carthage will win the game over Kilgore...Carthage is the more complete team, but if we are just talking individual units I'd give the nod to Kilgore's defense
  9. Interviews are starting this week to my understanding
  10. https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2024/05/11/tyler-chapel-hill-sqt-pools-and-info?ref=article_preview_title
  11. No need to rethink, right now on paper I'd slightly lean to Kilgore's defense Splitting hairs but Carthage brings back eight starters from a defense that allowed 13.85 ppg a year ago Kilgore brings back eight starters from a defense that allowed 16.43 ppg a year ago.... Pretty close, but I think Kilgore's competition week in and week out was better last year as well...the one common opponent they played was Giilmer.....Kilgore allowed 23 and Carthage allowed 47...
  12. The entire day Jayden impressed me...both sides of the ball...he made a tremendous catch on offense vs CH along their sideline as well...Kilgore may have the best defense in 4A...that DL will be nasty
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