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  1. Thats not an issue worth discussing in a high school sports forum, so I'll stick to the topic at hand and I'll be looking for the teams next week that win at state that are all uniform and which teams aren't...will have to report back with the results
  2. Some battles are worth fighting and others aren't...choose your battles wisely
  3. I think thats just talk...I mean things can always change but I spoke to Coach Willis today and if he's out its news to him
  4. You are welcome! I strive to bring you this type of analysis day in and day out
  5. Terry Bussey is the best football player in this game w/o question.....he's special....
  6. Ernest Campbell from Refugio runs a 10.32 100 and is the two-time defending state champion in the 100 and anchors Refugio's state champion 4x1 and 4x2 relay...he will w/o a doubt be the fastest player on the field...didnt say he was the best football player but he'll be the fastest
  7. Refugio's going to have one or two kids faster than anyone on Timpson's side, but top to bottom Timpson's team speed is superior
  8. 187 miles for Timpson 171 miles for Refugio Seems pretty neutral to me
  9. And honestly playing indoors is a major edge for Chapel Hill IMO
  10. CH lost the home-neutral flip....if they won the flip I think they woulda been in East TX
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