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  1. Check out our video diary from THSCA Coaching School
  2. Yes the state tournament in 2020 was stopped....at that point things were still new and there was a lot of unknown.....and notice I said vaccines combined w/natural immunity..if the 2020 football season wasn't stopped...the 2021 season won't be stopped
  3. In 2022 we are adding these schools to 5A/6A Richmond Randle Lake Belton San Antonio Davenport San Antonio Pieper Frisco Emerson Katy Jordan San Antonio Sotomayor Frisco Panther Creek Killeen Chaparral Canyon West Plains is likely going to start 4A D-1 but they'll be 5A soon
  4. There wasn't a stoppage last year...some teams did have to bow out etc..but with vaccinations, natural immunity etc I dont think contact tracing will wipe teams out...individual players may get sick and have to sit out but teams aren't likely cancelling games etc....
  5. My guess is the new 7A is only going to have eight districts and be the largest 70-75 schools....its not happening until 2024 at the earliest...by that point there will be probably another 20 larger 5A/6A schools added into the mix...heck we are adding 9 or 10 (depending on where Canyon West Plains lands) in 2022 alone
  6. There may be some districts who are cautious....but I doubt there will be mass cancellation etc...folks who want to get vaccinated can easily get it now
  7. It's really only South Texas that has the issues.....the UIL has said opting up is an issue and they are looking at a few things, but they also said in the press conference there hasn't been a groundswell in 5A to make a change
  8. I personally am higher on Wylie East than West Mesquite....but I do expect both to be much better...Wylie East has a shot IMO to challenge for a playoff spot
  9. I think this district top to bottom will be much improved...all the teams who missed out on the playoffs will be much improved this year and I think North and Sherman will take a step back....3rd and 4th place battle will be quite entertaining
  10. Our video blog from the State 7on7 Tournament
  11. Just now saw I was tagged in this...I cant access Smoaky.com from Canada lol
  12. Sorry for just now seeing this...I can't access the message board in Canada..... Right now things are up in the air...this article hopefully gives some potential timelines https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2021/04/20/scoop-the-latest-on-where-the-uil-s-stands-with-2021-txhsfb-broadcast-ban?ref=home_feature_article
  13. thought it said basketball..lol never mind
  14. 18 interviews 30 min each on zoom next week....after that they'll cut the field down and do on-campus interviews the following Mon-Tues...I'd guess they'll bring in five or six
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