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  1. There's 500+ game chats per week...would have to hire quite a few to keep up...and it'd be part time obviously. I proposed we charge for the game chat portion of the app, but that got shot down lol....I know people like the game chats but the amount of complaints we get from coaches & parents, the sick stuff I've seen in there (and thats just what gets reported) and the liability makes it not worth it IMO...
  2. Computer still liked them....there's enough recent history to give them the nod I guess...I personally think they are too high as well
  3. UIL hasn't made any announcement to the contrary so I would imagine so....I will be asking about it at coaching school
  4. Brock opens the season with Pleasant Grove...we'll find out about them real quick
  5. If you have issues with the app dont ask me....I'm not tech support. Email [email protected] I installed the update at 7on7 and it works just fine for me....yes it looks new, but on the scoring app the features are the same and IMO does have a cleaner look. Someone asked why fix it if its not broken? Well we had to do a lot of manual work to prevent it from breaking, its old and the coding isn't compatiable with our site, so loading schedules had to be done manually, which is why it took so long for playoff games to appear last year. I personally have asked for the game chats to be removed and I hope they stay gone, they are too hard to moderate and became cesspools of racism, people posting coaches and kids personal information etc...not worth the liability IMO
  6. I feel pretty comfortable the four playoff teams are T High, Marshall, MP and Nac...with Hallsville just on the outside...I think Texas High will fall back some and one of the other three could beat them....they go to Mt Pleasant and Nacogdoches this year...one of those games could be worth watching
  7. As has been said, Longview not really a "7-on-7" style team by any means so them going 3-0 on Friday is tremendous, anything successful today would have just been a bonus
  8. Miles was 3-8 last year but should be much improved with fifteen returning starters and twenty total lettermen.
  9. They do...today was for seeding...D1 works a little different
  10. Live broadcast from Field 7 and Field 8 starting at 1pm today (its free) http://www.texanlive.com
  11. http://www.texanlive.com We'll be broadcasting Thursday starting at 1pm from Fields 7 and 8 in College Station
  12. Instead of saying Region IV just say South Texas, traditional ideas of "regions" are out the window...we have San Antonio teams in Region III now, Golden Triangle teams in Region II, West Texas teams in Region IV etc
  13. We'll automatically send out an email if the address changed since we do it all through USPS Priority Mail
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