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  1. https://www.uiltexas.org/media/info/2022-week-3-football-broadcast
  2. That is correct an academic broadcast performed by students and faculty gets an exception from the UIL....can't have ads etc
  3. Think of it like this... NFHS has more games, less consistent quality TexanLive fewer games (we have 20 this week), but more consistent quality
  4. One heads up for Longview folks who watch games online...games that are on TexanLive I believe also show up on NFHS..however the stream on NFHS ends up being about 30-45 seconds delayed and sometimes will buffer more...some South Oak Cliff people gave me a heads up on this over the weekend and I confirmed with a few others...I am sure there's some technical reason why thats the case but wanted to be transparent
  5. It actually is common from what I understand....its happended at least once in every round of the playoffs......pretty sure they dont get used again but that doesn't do anything for the game that they were supposed to do Typically by Rd 3 there's a lot fewer games so the folks who have been doing it a while and consistently end up getting the vast majority of the games...TexanLive, Texas Sports Productions in San Antonio, Rio Sports Live in the RGV, Texas Panhandle Sports are some that come to mind right away
  6. I think people vastly overrate how much money is in TXHSFB....there are very few people who can make a full-time living doing TXHSFB from a media perspecitve...its mostly a labor of love for most or a side income
  7. For sure...Corsicana is a great neutral site for this game...easy drive for both teams
  8. Honestly when it comes to neutral sites its not that bad....I can name about ten neutral sites where the distance is much, much greater for one school over the other....20 minutes difference isn't consequential
  9. My definition of professional is doing it as a full time job..might not be the true definition of professional but its how I view these guys...I'm not a professional journalist for instance...I'm a contractor...same with the guys doing these games...they get paid but it's definitely not their career
  10. West isn't that far from Corsicana only like 45 minutes...Malakoff is closer but not that much closer
  11. This is another common misperception....you aren't dealing with professionals doing this...these are people with day jobs who do this on the side, some as a hobby...the reason a teenager ran the camera is because the cameraperson just decided to not show up.... Its a total crap shoot dealing with subcontractors...Just like in real life if you hire a subcontractor for a job...some are amazing, some arent...and even the amazing ones have life circumstances that derail things last minute
  12. That's the thing I don't call it a "plight" for fans who can't watch their teams play online...JMO but watching TXHSFB online is a luxury item, but we have become spoiled so we don't view it as such. Think about it, you drive to a game you spend X # of dollars on gas, you spend money on a ticket, you spend money on confessions etc..instead you pay a fraction of that cost to watch a ton of games online....so in the end you are probably saving some decent money over the course of a month long (or longer) playoff run The trade-off to that saved time, money (and convenience) is quality of broadcast is not guaranteed and is going to vary greatly, so if you choose to not attend the game in person you've got to accept and understand that risk going in..
  13. DCTF don't control anything regarding who streams playoff games, you are sorely mistaken Direct from the UIL Website: For 2022-2023, the UIL’s broadcast partners are the NFHS Network and Bally Sports Southwest. The UIL owns the rights to playoff streaming, they sublicense to NFHS who in turn sublicenses to entities like us and then it's our job to put out a good product for our games, which we do for the most part. As for the app, we turned the chats back on, but not until we put in some controls to moderate it properly, once those controls were put in place and we tested them, we turned the chats back on. If you are going to critique me or DCTF, at least be accurate
  14. I could care less how much a team wins or loses by and how it relates to what I pick...I get a ton right and some wrong so I'm really not pressed about picking the right team to win and maybe being a few points off There's no shilling for anything (except TexanLive) I'm just telling you what it is..you don't go to a playoff game you are taking a chance on the broadcast quality under the current setup which I believe is in place the next ten years... If the quality of broadcast isn't up to standard now you know so you can choose to not pay money for it next time
  15. Longview Gameday (and Texarkana Gameday) put out a great product, but they are a business and they have to make decisions that's best for their business.....I dont know why they aren't subcontracting w/NFHS on doing games for Longview (or Texarkana for that matter), maybe they felt for their business it didnt make sense for them and I respect that..they've got to do what's best for them
  16. I'm just telling you the way it is...the UIL owns rights to the playoff broadcasts thats reality and its not changing....I dont make the rules, I'm just explaining the reality of the rules as they stand....and in a real world under today's rules, watching a game online does bring on inherent risk because of the varying quality of broadcasts...
  17. Yeah last week wasn't a TexanLive joint...online streams you just have to accept that part of not going to the game is an inherent risk because quality varies greatly depending on which sub-contractor is used...and sometime the quality varies on factors within the broadcasters control and some outside of their control.....I usually only watch TexanLive and for the most part its consistent w/presentation etc but even then if you have inexperienced camera guy etc it can be not as good...I can't imagine NFHS and all the different people who broadcast there how much things vary In the end from what I can tell with NFHS (and I know with TexanLive) its still really cheap...but maybe in order to pay more high quality broadcasters w/high quality crews the prices could be raised so those costs can be covered....I think it would result in more consistently good streams etc On one game Friday the play by play guy who was supposed to do the game had a work emergency and couldn't drive the 2 hours to the game...and he was driving the camera guy...so that game just didnt get broadcast lol...the people who wanted to watch the game online were pretty upset....but what can you do? Tough to find a replacement on like 3 hours notice lol
  18. And sometimes when we do our game draft we may not always pick the absolute best games...sometimes there's a weirdo game that catches our attention for one reason or another...
  19. It did not the 4A games I wrote previews on are already listed above
  20. I didnt write a preview on that game (only ten games get highlighted in 4A-2A)....but I predict every game in the state
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