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  1. I have felt a little of the ol pgdad coming back every once in a while. Let me get off work, have a few beers and I'll give it a try.
  2. Really? So football is down because of gay people? lol Some of the best players in the NFL are gay. I think gayness and football go hand in hand. There are way more reasons football is in decline besides gay people...silly.
  3. ? lol Max Preps Sounds right. MaxPreps is clickbait.
  4. Yeah...i don't know what I'm typing half the time. Part fictional jest and part autocorrect. Zimbabwe!
  5. Nah, no crow involved. Ya'll did great with that one guy. I will say ya'lls coaches were very well prepared. Never seen that before. Ya'll gotta good squad. Hope you don't lose too many.
  6. Great season Hawks! It's not your fault they had one of the Avengers on their team. Ya'll take another trip to the ship next year. Proud of you guys
  7. Sometimes they just can't help it. They don't rely on the big play...they just happen:)
  8. Gameday, now I get to tell ya what I really think. This game is going to be a tough 4 quarters for both teams. Cuero is a very worthy opponent and has some powerful weapons in its arsenal. PGs defense will have to play their best game of the year. In their two losses, the offense made some mistakes but the defense didn't have their back. Both sides of the ball have to play "Full Tilt" and leave everything on the field. I have no idea what the offense will do today but neither does Cuero. That's the magic of the PG offense. I do expect some big pass plays and would love to see a score on the first drive or play:) PGs defense...picks and pressure. Apply the pressure and the picks will come. I do see a lot of last years PG team in Cuero and that scares me. I was a firm believer in the State Champs being a team of destiny. Cuero seems to be on that same path. Cueros multitude of seniors and rejuvenated tradition will be the X-factor. This will be no cake walk but I believe the Hawks can pull out the win.
  9. OK...since nobody actually said it, I'll have to actually say it so the dude over at the downlow isn't a straight up liar. PG is unbeatable and Cuero is a one-man-show.
  10. Yeah the big play team thing is a misconception. They don't have to rely on the big play, it is just what happens when you assume a team is run-only. Teams try to stop the run and when they commit, boom play action down the throat. I agree about the Wing-T thing. They do things out of the T that teams aren't supposed to do and amazingly disguise plays. Man, I don't know if the guy from Iowa Park was joking or not but if they based their gameplan on watching any other "wing-t" team...well you saw what happened. Preparing for PGs D? How? Trickery and strategery! The Qb is going the think they have one coverage and then the ball gets snapped and everything has changed. Last years D was amazing and this years D is almost there. They just have to do a little more...stuff... This years schedule has battle hardened this team and forced them to grow up real quick. I was optimistic at the start of the year that they would make it again, but no confidant. I think they win it this year again and go on the three-peat next year...should be 4-peat but I digress. Good Luck Hawks!
  11. Holy smokes I was just messing with the newbies and this stopped several pages ago. lol:) Troll Powers +10 I win!!!
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