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  1. and Carthage stays in Region 2
  2. Ty was a position coach at PG in '19, when we won our most recent state championship. After that season, our DC went to Kilgore and Ty was promoted to CO-DC. He is a great coach and an even better man. He is high energy and high discipline. He will make a difference with your football team but in your community as well. He is very relational with the other coaches as well as the players. You guys hit the jackpot! Now, get behind him and go to work. I'm exicted to follow the bulldogs now!!!!!
  3. No prob. I figured that’s what he meant but that isn’t it. His offer got pulled way before that
  4. He will take snaps but he won’t make a difference as far as tackles. He plugs holes a little
  5. Then put it out there. You’re all talk
  6. U keep saying the same crap and not backing up any of it. Where do u see the MAJORITY of PG fans saying anything and how do you what the majority is. If anything, the majority are only saying we have a chance.
  7. You are RIGHT!!!!! these kinds of posts should never get response from anyone....no matter which school it is. Guy is such a liar
  8. No the social media posts where PG had totally dismissed Carthage. Show them
  9. Im telling you this is my son's 6th grade PGYA team. Landon and Layton both played on it. Layton was in 6th grade, same as my son, Landon was a year younger but played up with them on 6th grade team.. I dont have any idea where they lived but I know they played PGYA here. Here's one better.....this is my son's 5th grade PGYA. Layton and Landon were both on it too. Layton was 5th grade and Landon 4th. Landon is the white jersey looking at you.
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