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  1. but the stadium would have been big enough for you. You would have had plenty of room
  2. PG will be all about how healthy they can stay. Skill guys are much improved. DBs are much improved. O line still has to find some nasty in them.
  3. it's not at PG....it's in Greenville
  4. I gave up on MaxPreps and just use DCTF. I figured MP is so wrong there's no use in using it
  5. MaxPreps has got to be one of the worst sources for sports information
  6. PG has one injury that will keep the player out for first two games. Other wise they are healthy
  7. Pg scored twice in controlled. Kilgore did not score. kilgore scored once in live. Pg did not score
  8. PG bond passed.....new field house w/locker rooms and training facilities placed inside the football stadium. Also brand new baseball, softball facilities that will include turf fields and locker rooms. New track at the high school and grass infield for the band to practice on
  9. Probably because they are in the same region now
  10. guess thats why its called OPEN enrollment.....every school here is that way. they can go to the other schools if they want to
  11. Sure we can. Go ahead. But be sure to include what year they moved so u don’t make it look like they just showed up for that year. move in’s happen all the time. Nothing wrong with that unless you’re the only school in town who doesn’t ever get any
  12. Yes he is. Say it all you want but that doesn’t make it true. Put your evidence on here. Other wise it’s just gossip
  13. U can think that but ur wrong here just like u are on the app
  14. PG has always had good athletes, not necessarily GREAT athletes. Josh Gibson has the ability to make good athletes think they are great. His players will tackle a tree for him. He has great balance in being demanding of his players and rewarding/complimenting them when they execute well. He also did a good job at adjusting the offense to the kind of athlete he has. He totally changed the PG culture, and not just in football
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