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  1. He did not even get ejected even though he was the one that started it by slamming the kid.
  2. Virginia Tech Clemson Iowa State SMU Tennessee Texas Tech North Carolina Cal Arkansas Washington *Tiebreaker: 52
  3. How’d Troup do vs Frankston? Anyone know
  4. I say give this to a guy looking for his first HC Gig and see what he can do. Bring someone in that is big on culture and get the ball rolling. Football wise may have to do some unique things to win. Whatever it takes to get an advantage over opposing teams.
  5. Are they streaming these games anywhere? Normally fox sports southwest plays them but I can’t find a TV provider that offers the channel anywhere.
  6. Who do y’all think is gonna take over at Lee now?
  7. Any word or idea on who he is brining as assistants?
  8. June 2014 Definitely done more reading than I have posting
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