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  1. Death, taxes and Gunter vs Canadian. Both teams look really, really good. But my gosh, Gunter has some depth. And this year feels like a revenge tour after coming up just short in 2021. Think the Tigers take this one yet again.
  2. Nice win, Anna. It was a good, hard fought game. Bobcats just had too many key pieces out and made too many mistakes/stupid penalties. Anna has a really, really good team. Hope they’re able to at least challenge China Spring next week. Good season, Bobcats! Proud of those seniors. Lots of those guys been playing for 3-4 years. Hope this fuels the off-season for our younger guys.
  3. Hadn’t heard that, but hate it for the kid if he is hurt. Everybody’s a little banged up this time of year. Depth gets tested in these types of matchups.
  4. Lol no skin off my back if you pick Anna, regal. If I weren’t a Celina fan, I’d have probably picked them too. But I do hope you’re wrong about that pick!
  5. Anna has improved a lot since that first matchup with the Bobcats. That was the first time the Coyotes had beaten Celina in 50 years. Bobcats will be hungry to avenge that loss.
  6. Bobcats are beat to hell right now, unfortunately. Lost our stud receiver for the year. Have been down our best RB for a while. And were without two of our better o-linemen tonight against Kennedale. Celina was able to pull out a very, very gutsy win. Showed a lot of moxie and fight when things were not going well. This team needed to see that in themselves. Kennedale had some freaking dudes on their team, and oddly enough, that slot-t/wing-t is a mismatch for Celina this year. Bobcats match up better with spread teams this year, honestly.
  7. Most people have no idea or appreciation for how hard that is to accomplish. To have AND sustain that level of success over that amount of time is just amazing. It does not take much for a program to take a down turn and dip into obscurity. But it takes so much buy in from the community, parents, admin, coaches, staff, players and other students to reach and sustain that level. Everybody wants state championships, and rightfully so, but those are extremely hard to get. Only one team per division per year gets that. But you can just about guarantee Gilmer is in the conversation of the 3-4 teams that have a realistic shot year in and year out. As a fan, that's a blast, and that's all you can ask for!
  8. That's gonna be a fun one to watch. Bells might get their revenge this time around. That was a pretty dominant win last night.
  9. I'm not sure if they'll have this game or not, but Anna had the Celina game and several others live streaming from this YouTube Channel.
  10. No one is underestimating or taking for granted the defending state champions.
  11. It would be a second tough matchup, no doubt. Anna is no joke. Bobcats need to worry about Kennedale though, especially with as poorly as we played last week.
  12. As crazy as it is to say, Anna is for real this year. They have talent all over the field and on both sides of the ball. They've got speed to burn at all the skill positions, home run threats across the field, and a QB that can sling it and put it where he wants it. They remind me a lot of Gilmer, to be honest, just with their explosive big-play ability and the type of speed they have. They don't run quite the same style, but there a lot of similar concepts. Stephenville still has plenty of talent, too. The China Spring loss was not a surprise. And if Stephenville had won that game, I'd still be saying the same thing. And that Alvarado loss was bad, but the Jackets had a lot of injuries, were fresh off the sting of that CS loss and seemed to be in their own heads. It was probably a perfect storm of issues. But it was an L nonetheless and a head-scratcher at that. But man, the Jackets have the kind of talent to go blow-for-blow with Anna. But this could easily turn into a foot-race of a game, and I don't know that Stephenville has the defense to keep up, honestly. Just haven't seen it. I like Anna in this one by two possessions.
  13. Most likely, whatever 4A district draws the Houston district in the first round has a chance to go 4-for-4.
  14. I THINK WOS will draw Bellville first round. Stangs may hang around for a while, but I don’t think they’ll be the one to bring down a 1-seed.
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