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  1. Congrats on the win, Gilmer. Buckeyes were talented, just as advertised. Fluellen is a DUDE and so is Tennison. I thought Celina’s defense played really good, overall, considering how much they were on the field. Fluellen was the only mismatch, to be honest. But Celina’s offense looked bad. Just flat out bad. Dropped passes, odd play calling, receivers giving up on routes, QB being indecisive, etc. But give credit to Gilmer’s defense, because they came out and played very physical the whole game, and they managed to keep Celina uncomfortable. Buckeyes get their shot at title-game redemption next week, and they earned it! Good luck! Hope it’s a great game with the Cougars!
  2. Boy, I sure do hope so! It's been a year in the making. And honestly, were it not for a fluke Hail Mary from Graham last season, this matchup would've happened in 2020 too.
  3. Good! Hope it stays that way through the whole game for both teams, win or lose! Y'all Gilmer fans be safe coming over to Collin County tomorrow. Traffic will be pretty wild, so if you plan on seeing kickoff, LEAVE GILMER EARLIER THAN YOU THINK! Sorry y'all gotta come so far, but at least it's a heck of a facility. I know y'all got to experience it last season as well.
  4. Gilmer fans, Borda should be back this week, correct?
  5. When the field gets condensed like that, it allows those athletic defenses to shine. Gilmer certainly has that!
  6. The CW33 will also broadcast this game. Here’s some info on that.
  7. Not being able to finish drives is what ultimately did Pleasant Grove in last week. The Hawks were able to run the football almost at will between the 10-20-yard lines. But once they got down near the goal line, they just couldn't quite get it done. That's where being young and an overall inability to be diverse in their play calling really hurt them. Celina's offense won't have that problem. They'll have to rise up in those big moments and finish those drives.
  8. Gilmer is the most explosive offense, let's be sure. Their system is built on scoring in as few plays as possible and scoring in bunches. It's hard to stop. Their route concepts are a thing of beauty to watch. But it all goes awry, as do most offenses, when you get pressure on and contain the QB. Celina HAS to do that on Friday. Full stop. Only one team has done it successfully this season. Bobcats will hope to be No. 2 on that list. When they get chances, Celina will have to capitalize. Like any team that plays Gilmer, you can ill afford to drive into the red zone and come away empty handed. You must sustain drives and you must get points. Bobcats have an otherwordly kicker, so it won't take too much real estate on the Buckeyes end of the field to come away with at least 3 points. But it'll take more than that to win, obviously. There are going to be some downright nasty battles in the trenches on Friday, I can guarantee that. If hard-hitting, big-heavies pushing each other around isn't your thing, best stay home, because that's where this game is going to be won or lost.
  9. You could put either team on the other side of the bracket and say the same thing. Somebody's gotta win. Somebody's gotta lose. It's just the time of year where a top-tier team has to go home at the end of the week. Only one team can end the season on a win. Just the nature of the beast. A loss doesn't invalidate the losing team's season or effort or anything like that. Your prediction is about as good as mine could be. I know either team would be thrilled with a 1-point win. If the Bobcats can hold Gilmer to 35 points or less, I really like our chances.
  10. I personally disagree with you that this Gilmer team is on the same level as the 2014 team. There is no Kris Boyd, no Demarco Boyd, no Blake Lynch, no Nick Smith, no Kollin Hurt, no Chase Tate, Jamel Jackson, not to mention that team had it's own Fluellen, as well as a phenomenal QB in its own right in Mclane Carter (nearly 4,000 yards, 47 TDs and just 2 INTs). I'm not saying 2021 isn't a great Gilmer team by any means. But that 2014 group was insanity. Nobody was stopping that team, especially not that 2014 Celina team. The Bobcats were a good team that year, not great, not anywhere in the discussion of truly GREAT Celina teams. Defensively, they were soft, and anyone from Celina who wasn't a parent of one of the players would have told you that. Next thing, Celina runs a completely different offense (in terms of base looks) than they did in 2003, 2014-16. The Bobcats no longer employ a base Full house look, nor do they run a traditional spread look, which they were doing in 2014-16. In addition to that, Celina's offense is in its second year under a new offensive coordinator, who played and studied at Baylor. Travis McClain has done a fantastic job as a second-year OC, and he's changed the offensive philosophy and mindset of the Bobcats. Bobcats have been employing a hybrid offense that utilizes a single-back set with an H-back, and (typically) twins to one side with a single receiver opposite of them. Although, last week, we ran that look just 2-3 times and were running a single/2-back look, replacing the H-back with a tight end. Defensively ... I'm not even going to disagree with you that much lol. It's always been a headscratcher to me why we would run a traditional 10-1 or 10-1 Special against the Buckeyes. It's just a zero-margin-for-error defense against an offense that can create so many problems and attack in a litany of ways. Now, in 2015, we did not run a traditional 10-1 or Special, and I highly, highly doubt the Buckeyes are going to see a man-free or cover-zero, or 10-1/Special, etc. I'm not sure what base look they'll show, but I doubt it'll be man-press-free. Aaron Ford at defensive coordinator has done a fantastic job of mixing up looks and coverages, and he's been able to shut down/stifle some really good offenses this season. The Bobcats starting defense held Melissa to 14 points and Argyle to 16 points. Both of those teams were really talented and had plenty of speed to burn. They don't run the same looks and style as Gilmer, but from an athletic standpoint, Celina has seen speed, and they have not been overmatched by it this season. In terms of your keys to deep playoff football, I agree, with the exception of the running game. I think it's imperative to be able to take over a game on the ground when the situation dictates. I think the Bobcats have an advantage in the trenches on both sides of the ball, and with that advantage, Celina has been able to pound the football with Gabe Gayton at RB, who is quick, and very, very strong, complimented by Peterson, who is also quick and strong and can pound is way to 3-5 yards per carry. When it comes to turnovers, it could go either way. Bobcats had one bad game against Argyle, and apart from that, we've taken care of the football pretty well. QB play, absolutely the nod goes to Tennison and rightfully so. Dude is a DUDE 100% certified DUDE. But I wouldn't go so far as to say Bentley for Celina isn't athletic. He's an OU commit for baseball, if he ever even makes it to Norman ... more likely that he gets drafted out of high school in the summer of 2023. He hasn't had to run much this season, but he can when he needs to, and he's tough as nails and really strong. Don't know if that answers any or all of your questions, buckeyefandom, but I enjoy the conversation.
  11. I hope @MattStepphas a take on this. Lol the subscriptions have nothing to do with who they're picking in this game. In addition, their pick has nothing to do with this game.
  12. I did not see that! That's a bit too rich for my blood. I did see PigskinPreps has GILMER as the 10-point favorite. Soooo ... I guess that means it ought to be a good game.
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