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  1. Div. II looks wide open. I don’t see any overwhelming favorites among the bunch. Could easily see a surprise (or unexpected, at least) team rise up and win this thing.
  2. No worries! I gave it a listen on Monday. Great show, as always, guys! Always fun to reminisce. You probably could have taken a couple shows on this topic and really broken down some of those memorable games. There's just so many, it's easy to let some slip through the cracks of the memory. So funny to think back on the message boards in those early years. I believe Txprepsxtra.com (or something like that) was where I first got started on the forums. I used to be a "cub" reporter for those guys and text score updates to ProducerBilly (don't know if anybody remembers him or not - I know Stepp does). Then moved over to 3Adownlow when Celina moved up, and have been over there ever since. It's certainly much quieter than it was in the 2005-2012ish era though. Can't wait for the next show, guys! Glad y'all put in the time and do what you do.
  3. Can't wait! When will the show be live?
  4. Can’t afford that kind of a start against the best team in the state. Moment looked just a little too big for the Bobcats this time around.
  5. No doubt. Argyle does benefit from hopping into Region I, as opposed to the much tougher Region II. Poor Melissa will be up against it with Ennis, Mansfield Summit, Lovejoy, Corsicana, Dennison, Mesquite Poteet and some of the other East TX folks. Argyle will have to deal with Colleyville Heritage and a decent Grapevine squad. Apart from that, nobody really jumps out at you in Region I. I'm pretty sure Carrollton Creekview is the only team in the Eagles' district that had a winning record last season.
  6. Argyle is in a much, much, much better position to succeed in football than Abilene Wylie is/was when they made the jump. Wylie would have trouble in 4A Div. I right now, to be honest.
  7. No doubt. Total buy-in across the board, and the students get to reap a ton of benefits. Fun to see.
  8. Honestly such a wild and drastically underrated accomplishment. I know football state championships is what gets all the hype and glory, but man, to perform at that high a level ACROSS the board in all sports, is simply remarkable. Congratulations again to Argyle. Will be interesting to see if they can keep the streak alive at the 5A level. My hunch is they can.
  9. No doubt. Just some high-caliber baseball on deck this week. Should be fun.
  10. No doubt. Maybe the best team in the state, regardless of classification. But baseball is a weird game, man. In one game, anything can happen.
  11. This 4A Final Four group is absurdly loaded. A combined record of 132-16-2! That’s crazy.
  12. FINAL: Celina 11, Spring Hill 2 Bobcats heading back to state 20 years after we won our first and only baseball championship.
  13. That's what I thought. Funny neither team threw their ace in game 1! Ruais (LHP) and Bentley (RHP) are 1a and 1b.
  14. Hey @PantherNation2015 do you know who started on the mound for Celina? I heard it was the Bobcats' No. 3 starter, which leaves them with their 1 and 2 to try and match Ballard. Although, it's now all-hands-on-deck.
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