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  1. Well, Celina’s defense really played out of their minds. They didn’t allow Stephenville to do anything they wanted to do. They couldn’t pass, they couldn’t run, they couldn’t set up their screens. Nothing. The Jackets really emptied their playbook on their one TD drive, and scored on a jet sweep QB throw back. It was a great play call at the right time. The ONLY gaffe by the Bobcats defense, and it was more credit to Stephenville than a mistake by Celina. I think the offensive numbers were down because both teams were a little banged up. Maruska only had a few carries, and not for much, like Stepp mentioned. Celina had three key guys out, including our sophomore stud RB who did not play at all, and really spearheaded the 1-2 punch of Celina’s rushing attack. Bobcats QB was also playing on (and has been playing on) a broken foot. Which is why you saw the sophomore QB Bowe Bentley start to rotate in. Lots of credit to Stephenville’s defense, because they made some key stops when they needed them. But I also think Celina made some key mistakes at really really inopportune times. Bobcats dropped two TD passes, a couple key first-down passes inside the 15-yard line, and had the big INT in the end zone. Some of that was the Jackets, but I really walked away feeling like Celina was the overall better team, but we just missed on key chances while Stephenville hit on their one real opportunity. Thats HS football though. That’s why they play the game. Sometimes the outcome that probably should happen doesn’t happen. At the end of the day, Stephenville is playing this week and Celina isn’t. Still proud of the Bobcats. Had a lot of questions coming into this season, and I felt like there were some really bright spots and some pleasant surprises. Celina should reload for another solid campaign in 2024.
  2. And as dominant as the rushing attack and the offensive line was, I was probably most impressed by Celina’s defense last night. The Bobcats held a very speedy and talented running back (Cassius Johnson) and a true dual threat QB (Cardea Collier) to 52 total yards on the ground. In the past, Celina has struggled against players like Collier. He’s the real deal. Kid has a canon arm, can make all the throws, and had pinpoint accuracy. He also has game breaking speed. Bobcats corralled him all night, though, and made him uncomfortable and forced him to use his arm to have success. Collier was able to put up decent numbers through the air, but most of it came on two drives, one with the backups in. He had to work hard for all of it, and it still only amounted to 14 points. The Bobcats defense never let him settle into a rhythm and they never let Alvarado establish anything on the ground. It was an overall impressive display.
  3. If Celina’s offensive line plays like they did against Alvarado, the Bobcats are going to be a tough out for anyone. That was as dominant a performance as I’ve seen in a long, long time. I mean they just flat out bullied the Indians up and down the field for about three quarters. Bobcats have now rushed for almost 900 yards through two playoff games, and are well over 1,000 total yards through those two wins.
  4. I agree with this one as well. Region II might have the most entertaining Area Round matchups, top to bottom.
  5. Yeah the good thing for Stephenville is they can kinda play whatever style they need to this year. If it’s a shootout, they can do it. If it’s a defensive struggle, they can do that too. But if Carter’s in a one-possession game late, watch out. They definitely have a couple guys that can house it on any snap.
  6. I could be crazy, but Dallas Carter vs. Stephenville could get interesting. Carter has some dudes, and their rushing attack is for real. If they can keep it close early, look out. If they let Stephenville bully them early, it'll get out of hand. But from what I've seen, this is a classic case of, don't let a team (Carter) start to believe, or Yellow Jacket fans may be chewing their nails down to the cuticles by the 4th quarter.
  7. I agree with this. Anna just never really responded well after that wild game/loss against the Bobcats. They seem to have regressed. BUT they still have an absurd amount of speed and athleticism all over the field. And China Spring's defense has been ... suspect ... to say the least. BUT I still think CS could out-physical Anna if they make up their minds to do it. So, who wins? If it's a shootout, I think Anna by two scores. If the defenses can find a way to slow the game down a bit, I lean towards China Spring. As of Tuesday, I'll take Anna in OT.
  8. Yeah, wild call. Hard to even understand what that ref saw and what his mindset and justification was. Two other officials signaled INT, too. So I'm not sure how it wasn't overruled. But, oh well. You deal with it and you move on. Doesn't matter now. Now everybody's 0-0 and you gotta be 1-0 to get to the next week.
  9. Stephenville would be a tough out. Anna would be hard to beat twice. On the other side, Chapel Hill and Kilgore would be problems. But of that specific group, Kilgore would probably worry me the most.
  10. Yeah, weird for sure. Last night could go one of two ways: It could linger. It could put a damper on an otherwise solid regular season. And it could end up defining the season. OR It could re-energize, refocus and galvanize this team. The Bobcats still have plenty of talent to make a run. But we're going to need to have zero letdowns from here on out. We probably bought ourselves a slightly tougher first-round matchup, but that's really about it, in terms of playoff road. Region II is so loaded, every game is going to be tough, and we were going to have to go through some good teams whether we were on the top or bottom half of the bracket.
  11. The offensive lineman will be back next week. He was certainly missed last night. But that aside, and missed calls aside, Celina just got outplayed by a team that had no business outplaying them. PC's QB is very good. Very accurate passer. Very quick release. Very good reads. But we outsized the Panthers EVERYWHERE on the field, and our defensive linemen were getting driven back consistently. Our offensive linemen didn't get ANY kind of push until the second half. It wasn't an x's and o's situation, if that makes sense. It was purely a jimmy's and joe's problem. Our guys didn't show up, and PC's did. Period.
  12. With Bobcats up 27-17, PC had the ball and was driving slowly. They threw a ball across the middle that our DB had excellent coverage on. Both players went up and our guy came down with the ball pinned against his leg, and fell on the receiver. The official was so far out of place, he missed that call. PC went down and scored. Kicked an onside kick, got it back. Drove again, and with seven seconds left, threw a pass into the end zone that our DB 100% intercepted. One official called Celina ball immediately. The other, again out of position, same official, called touchdown, and somehow his call stuck. But, it never should have gotten to that point. Like our coaches used to always say, and probably still do: "If you put an official in a position to make a bad call, he'll do it every time." Celina looked lazy and lethargic and uninspired the whole game. It was weird. Just did not look like the same team that we've seen earlier in the year. We were without two very key starters, one a crucial piece of the offensive line, but we still should've won that game. Definitely sends us into the playoffs on an lame note and with a different path. But Bobcats will have to put that one behind them really quick and get ready for the postseason, because you can't afford a slow start or a lazy game anymore.
  13. Anna on the move for sure. They’ll be comfortably over the 5A cutoff.
  14. Witnessed him in the 2008 state title game against Celina. To this day, he’s still the greatest high school RB I’ve ever seen. Honest to God, he was already a college-caliber RB playing HS kids. Every single time the ball was in his hands, you just held your breath.
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