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  1. Yes. There’s actually a good chance it happens. Anna should win District 8 without much issue. Celina’s JV could win District 7 unfortunately. Anna will get second place of District 5 in the second round, so whoever loses between China Spring and Stephenville. Bobcats will get third place team from that district in second round (most likely La Vega). If Celina and Anna both win, they’d face off in the 3rd round (Region II semifinals).
  2. Yep. Bobcats turned it over while about to score, and Anna scored the next play. Bobcats fumbled their 2nd play from scrimmage on the next drive, and Anna scored a few plays later. That sequence was the game. Celina receiver also dropped potential game-winning TD in the end zone on last drive too. Bobcats played hard. Really missed Peterson in the backfield, hope he gets healthy soon. But so good to see Gayton back. He ran extremely hard. Still proud of that team, and they showed some guts coming back from down two scores. I know Celina would love to get another shot at Anna in the postseason. And as crazy as that would be, it’s not a far fetched possibility.
  3. Anna 28 Celina 25 FINAL Bobcats lined up for 41-yard game-tying FG and missed it just wide. Tough loss. Helluva game though. Anna is a very, very good football team. They’re gonna break some hearts in the playoffs.
  4. Anna had first and goal at the 1 and Bobcats managed to hold them out, assisted by a high snap on one play. This game is far from over. Coyotes have a load of home run threats on offense.
  5. Bobcats have a pair of passing TDs. A couple of long drives. Having to earn every single yard. Anna is for real, for real, folks. Big. Fast. Very athletic. Look like a purple, north Texas version of Gilmer (minus Fluellen and Tennison). Coyotes got their one score on a pick 6. Both teams have missed some opportunities and turned the ball over. Bobcats have had better success of capitalizing so far.
  6. Contextualized for this conversation, it was pretty accurate. And Carthage actually did exactly what I was talking about. The Dawgs kept piling it on. They never took the foot off the gas on either side of the ball. That's why those 70 points were more than enough.
  7. Oooh I like these rankings. LCM, Lumberton, Beeville Jones. 4A Div. I feels very, very top heavy this season. Maybe I’m wrong. But Div. II seems like it has waaaay more depth this year. Carthage and Gilmer feel like 1a/b to me, but the other 8 teams could make a serious case for semifinal/final appearances.
  8. It doesn't show on the upcoming broadcasts schedule yet, but since it's a home game for Anna, I assume they'll have the live stream here.
  9. Good show as always, boys! Couple notes on the Celina vs Anna game: I HOPE Gayton plays, but he has not touched the football since week 1 (sparingly, even then). I'm assuming it's some sort of injury, but I'm not sure. Peterson went out with a nasty looking lower-body injury last week against Spring Legacy. He needed help getting off the field. Now, later on in the game, he was standing on his own with no help. But I don't know his status going into Friday. That certainly could make things interesting for the Bobcats, offensively. Another note: So far, through three games, Celina's starting defense has accounted for 5 TDs and a safety. If you were to look at only 1's v 1's in every game, Celina would still be 3-0 even if the offense hadn't scored at all this season. Anna's OL and that stud QB are going to have their hands full with Trae Hollins and Jake Vincent off the edge. They've paired well with sophomore LB Cooper Farrow to create all kinds of confusion and pressure problems up front for the opposition. I expect those three to have a big game on Friday again.
  10. Yes. This. You cannot ever be up enough on Gilmer. I don't care how big of a lead you might get, keep piling on. Not to be "disrespectful," but literally because no lead is safe. The Buckeyes can go into Nascar mode in a hurry and you look up and a four-score lead might suddenly be down to one possession. They can save a lot of clock too, because they can hit the home runs on any given play. You have to stay aggressive. You might make a mistake, but I'd rather make a mistake being aggressive than going three and out hoping to milk the clock. The clock is almost never going to be your friend when you play Gilmer.
  11. This game feels like it could be close. But so long as Gilmer has Fluellen, Haynes, Tate and Tennison on the roster, it's hard to pick against the Buckeyes.
  12. And 14 of Paris's points came against Celina, and were courtesy of some horrendous officiating. Poor Wildcats are just super, super young, and their schedule has not done them any favors. They will struggle to make the playoffs, honestly. Van will win this game by as much as they want. You just hope your starters get some work in, play hard and stay healthy. The W is pretty much a foregone conclusion.
  13. Indeed, in his first stint with the Bobcats. Just two years later, he got Celina to it’s first state title.
  14. Anna is top 20, but not biggest in 4A Div. I. I believe they've got like a 200-220-ish different in students over Celina. Anna has the numbers to compete. They've just never been able to do that. That program has spent years being scheduled as other teams' Homecoming game. Probably not wise for the opposition to do that now. But, it usually takes a lot to overcome a history of losing. It appears the Coyotes are on the right track, though. One anecdote about this game: This year marks the 50th anniversary since Anna's last win over Celina.
  15. Anything I claim to "know" you can take with a grain of salt anyway lol. I think you can look at the body of work so far from both teams. I think you look at individual matchups, group matchups, etc. Both teams have done what good teams should do against mediocre schedules ... leave no doubt. From what I've seen of Anna, I would say Celina's defensive line is going to cause problems for the Coyote's offensive line. Anna's QB will have to adjust to a fairly relentless pressure that comes from a few different looks. The other thing Celina did last week that really impressed me was disguise their defensive coverage pre-snap. the Spring Legacy (can't remember the rest of the school name) QB never could adjust to it. He began his night having some success. Very accurate young man with a good arm. But once Celina started messing with his reads before the snap, he never recovered. Add that onto the constant pressure, and it turned into a long night for him. I'd like to see the Bobcats do the same thing this week against the Coyotes. Make that Div. I QB adjust on the fly. Celina's defense has scored at least once in every game so far, and I believe has five TDs already on the year. They scored twice in the opener and twice last week to go along with a safety. I can't remember if they scored once or twice in week two. Either way, that unit is putting up points and creating massive separation. I look for them to continue to push the issue against Anna. Offensively, I honestly don't know. With the RB situation possibly in flux, there could be some different looks for the Bobcats. I know that Celina will have a ton of size and strength in the trenches, and a pair of receivers in Jack Brown and Caden Mitchell who should get plenty of touches. Could see the Bobcats lean more heavily on the air attack this week than the ground game. But who knows. I'm speaking out of turn a bit, because I don't know the status of the RBs.
  16. They’re in a situation to be the next “Melissa” in my opinion. They definitely have the guys to play at a high level now. Just have to have that breakthrough moment and breakthrough season to get momentum in the program. I just don’t want that moment to be Friday lol.
  17. This is not the Anna of old, that's for sure. I don't know what kind of depth they have, but their 1's are going to be solid. Celina's best bet in this game is to jump out early and reinforce any doubt or imposter syndrome Anna might have tucked away. For all my oldest brothers out there, it's a bit like playing a younger sibling in anything. Come out hard, fast and aggressive and remind them right off the bat they're still the little brother.
  18. Bobcats defense is fast, athletic and tough. They’re gonna create some problems for the Anna offense, which struggled against Aubrey and needed a last-second hook-n-lateral miracle to win. Anna QB will have to make a ton of throws with pressure in his face. Offensively, things could get interesting for the Bobcats. Could see No. 3 and 4 RBs on the depth chart lead the way. Gayton has not played since week 1 (and that was sparingly) and Peterson, our top back so far, went out with some sort of injury last week. Have no idea what it was or his status. But if neither of them are in the game, it could create some issues for Celina. Fortunately, Will Taylor and Harrison Williams have gotten tons of carries already. Both are more than capable backs. Could even see senior TE/H-Back Caden Mitchell tote the rock some this week. Bentley will most likely use his legs on some designed runs more too. End of the day, no matter the RB situation, I like Celina in this one. Good measuring stick for the Bobcats.
  19. Neither team has played a very good schedule. Celina’s has been awful. Anna’s a touch better. But Decatur is pretty meh, Aubrey is down from what they have been, and Van Alsytne is in a big rebuilding year. That said, Anna is pretty solid. Never in my life did I think I’d see a top 10 matchup between Celina and Anna. Never. But the Coyotes appear to be for real in 2022. They are senior heavy. Possess a good amount of speed at the skill positions, and have a QB that can beat you a few different ways. Anna will be the best team Celina has played thus far, and probably best they’ll see until the playoffs - which scares me. Celina will far and away be the best team Anna has played too, and that will probably be true into the playoffs too.
  20. This game could honestly be over by the end of the first quarter, if Gilmer wants it to be. It's just not a good matchup for Paris this time around.
  21. A couple things from an outsider's perspective: 1) I think Chapel Hill is going to be fine. The talent is absurd. This team is still relatively "young," too. Gilmer is a legitimate state title contender, and would be whether in Div. I or II in my opinion, so that loss isn't too bad. The Van loss is a bit more of a head-scratcher, but that loss could mean exactly squat by season's end. 2) I think everyone assumes Region III is always going to be loaded because it has east Texas teams, and everyone usually assumes/labels one of those districts the District of Doom, even though I'd argue a true DoD hasn't reeeaaalllly existed since the early 2010's, before the divisional split .... back in the old 3A days. Truth is, Region III in Div. I looks a scooch down this season. I'd also say Region III in Div. II is "down" too, simply because Carthage isn't on that side of the bracket. 3) Taking point No. 2 into consideration, I'd say Van could/would certainly be in the conversation of a Region III title in Div. I this season. I'd slot them behind Kilgore and, I'll catch fire for this, probably still behind Chapel Hill. I KNOW the Vandals just won, but come playoff time, I THINK CH would win a rematch. The ceiling is much higher for CH. Obviously a moot point, just part of the discussion. Apart from those two teams, there's no one I'd say is obviously better than Van. El Campo has really, really disappointed so far. Ricebirds should be much more concerned than CH fans. Lindale looks pretty pedestrian, as does the rest of the field in Region III. So Van would slot right into that conversation. 4) Back to the main topic of this thread, I think anytime a team comes in with the expectations and hype that CH had to start the year, and you go 0-2 out of the gate, people get concerned. Bobcats fans FREAKED the F out in 2008 when Celina started poorly. Ended up making a fairly dominant run through the postseason and lost in the state title game to Carthage. Expectations are very often conflated, and a slight deviation or apparent regression from them leads to panic. Truth is, CH is still probably the most purely talented team in the Region, and probably on that right side of the bracket in general. Maybe that is enough, maybe it isn't. But if given the choice of a so-so talented team with no expectations that starts 2-0, or a talent-laden squad with massive ceiling and crazy expectations, I'd take my chances with that kind of talent, if you know what I mean. Thanks for attending my TEDx Talk on 4A Div. I, Region III football.
  22. This one will get ugly fast. Paris played pretty hard against Celina, but they were overwhelmed by Celina’s size, speed and depth. The Wildcats QB is quick and athletic and he — along with over 200 yards of penalties by the Bobcats — is all that kept the game against Celina as close as it was. Paris could not stop the Bobcats rushing attack at all. We threw for 260ish and rushed for 200ish, averaged about 6 yards per carry too. Offensively, Paris seemed to have 2-3 plays they wanted to run and after the first quarter, they had no success, even against the 2nd and 3rd team of Celina. Paris is athletic like always, but as others have mentioned, they’re young. You can tell. Tough start to the season for the Wildcats, as they’re staring at an 0-3 start. Still have a chance to make the playoffs, as long as their spirits aren’t broken by the time district comes.
  23. Celina 65 Bishop Lynch 3 FINAL Running clock and 3rd stringers in the second half. Bobcats coulda scored triple digits easy. Tough couple games for the Friars. They have a freshman QB who was pretty accurate when he had time, a decent WR. Bobcats defense is nasty though.
  24. This one is ugly, ugly. Celina 44 Bishop Lynch 3 HALF
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