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  1. If the Ef that played Arp shows up it will be 50+to 10 or so. If the Ef that played waskom shows up the will win by 21+
  2. you have lost your mind. Waskom was very lucky to leave ef with the win but you think beckville can beat them. No chance. If waskom plays ef again and the coach targets the myers kid more than 6 times youll be exiting the playoffs.
  3. With a twelth player to help get the firstdown they couldnt get with 11.
  4. the only way yall stopped #1 was to taclke him b4 the ball got to him. It happend 3 times or he wouldve had 3 more tds
  5. i have the picture in front of me. It was 12. Yes all in good fun. Maybe meet again in the playoffs
  6. You had 12 men on the field on that play. So yes it was luck.
  7. refs had nothing to do with the results dipshit. Lucky on the fake punt ir you lose.
  8. bahahaha. I was at the game Friday and Arp tried everything in the book to stop Ef. They had no answers no matter who was on the field. The 4th quater ef put in mostly back ups and Arp still did nothing.
  9. Ef will be fine as long as they come out fired up. They seemed to think they could just walk over Harelton. The game was close but when you look at 3 tds being called back it wasnt really close.
  10. Gonna be a good game if Ef comes out fired up and not flat like they did saturday. Both offensive and defensive lines were having trouble all night.
  11. not bitter at all. But to say 41-30 is a blowout is a joke. Jefferson is good i said that before. I didnt mean to say reciever i meant to say player. If anyone says Ef didnt give jeff everything they wanted is lying to themselves. Oh and i can promise you ub df wants no part of jeff or ef.
  12. oh horse poop, yall had starters in the whole game including when my son caught that 41 yd td on #21 your fastest reciever. Yes overall jefferson is much faster. They jumped out 28-0 and it was 30 to 13 ef after that. Good win jefferson but that game was far from a blowout.
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