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  1. Contain there speedy quarterback, he’s picked up multiple long 1st downs, we win the game.
  2. JJ having to set out first half? Was it because of the ejection last week?
  3. Be interesting to see the outcome of the Denton Ryan vs Bryant(Ark) game. I believe this game starts at 6.
  4. 1st possession woes starting the second half. Fumble against HP first play. Squib kick fumbled against Lancaster first play. Fumble today against DR first play. It's crazy that would happen time and time again.
  5. WR #80 looks like he might have some knee issue, during warm-ups. He went in with the trainer. See if he comes back out.
  6. Miss direction screen plays are killing us, linebackers have to eye running backs.
  7. If JT keeps the penalties down to 5 or 6 they will have a good chance of winning. You know the refs will only throw 2 or 3 for HP.
  8. Quaterback play is miserable, especially having a year under your belt. That's what happens when you let a team like West Mesquite hang around.
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