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  1. Congrats PT, little brother gets first playoff win in years. RJ you were a little rough on those refs, tonight. Lol!
  2. This Freshman A team, along with the JV defensive line, going to be lights out.
  3. I thought special teams is getting better. Need to sure up handling the ball on catching it on kickoff return. Kickers did an excellent job. I like how we pooched it and squib the ball on the kick off. Almost got some turnovers on it. Defense lights out last night. Offense still needs work, but it will all come together.
  4. One thing that really bothered me last night is special teams, all the way around. I hope the coaches address this, this coming week. Other than that I was proud of the hustle after last weeks game. Clean up a few more penalties and grow as team we will be just fine.
  5. Great run Lobos, proud of the young men for the last three years. Haynes looked mentally and physically exhausted last night. Good luck on your next adventure. Kudos to all the seniors nothing to be ashamed of. Be there rooting for the team next year. Go Lobos!
  6. EJ Smith broke his hand that required surgery, according to Emmitt’s Facebook page.
  7. One bus carrying the band was involved in an accident in front of Matsu’s On Hwy 31. For as I know no injuries reported, per my wife with Gregg County Sheriff’s dept.
  8. Longview High School has certified 2,186.5students for the UIL's biennial "Snapshot Day" realignment report. The numbers are used by combining 2,094 full-time Longview High students, 29 part-time LHS students (which are calculated as 14.5 students), and 78 Early Graduation High School students. According to UIL policy, students attending school less than fulltime, students receiving less than four hours of instruction per day, "shall be counted as a half (.5) student each."
  9. From what I’m hearing, Merideth out 2 to 3 weeks, due to a deep bruised shoulder.
  10. False information coming out, no starting running back has an injury, just confirmed.
  11. I keep hearing we lost a running back due to a leg injury in practice yesterday. Can anyone confirm it or is it just a rumor?
  12. I think what happens when you play the same teams every year in non-district, the team and fans get into a lull. I believe playing a team like West Monroe will spark a fire and rejuvenate them to get the urgency up for this game. I think you will see a lot of improvement on offense this week. Though Haynes has struggled throwing the ball somewhat this year he has made up in punting and holding the ball for field goals, that’s what good leadership does. He will be fine, the team will be great by the start of the playoffs. Lobos!
  13. Haynes King too much for the Panthers. His senior leadership along with reading defenses, and having the ability to change plays will roll the Lobos on to victory. Lobos.............
  14. Haynes King #1 after 4 days , then finishes up #8 day five. Sounds like fuzzy math to me. Just more motivation for the upcoming season. LOBOS..........
  15. Haynes King (#2 DT-QB) – Early in the day, we weren’t surprised to see King less than crisp spinning the football and playing with some inconsistency. He’s a three-sport athlete without a year-round QB trainer and he operates best in pads. But King won the big ball competition to end practice and it really highlighted what we love about him: He’s at his best when it counts. He looks like a future pro who is still barely scratching the surface fundamentally and in a knock-out style competition, he outlasted every other quarterback in attendance under the spotlight. Overall, King certainly looked like one of the top talents on hand. Recruitment: Uncommitted. Elite 11
  16. Will be back later this summer with the 2019 episodes via @nflnetwork! #QBHeaven. Use Twitter-“ Elite 11” to keep up daily, starting tomorrow.
  17. How many years has it been since Allen has dropped below 1 or 2 in the DC rankings, coming out?
  18. I would say King will not retire from coaching till his daughter graduates, and then go strictly to AD.
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