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  1. Just goes to show that going 10-0 every on the JV doesnt mean jack squat when the cal comes to varsity.
  2. Longview's D will be too much for Horn. We sub a total of 10 to 12 guys from the line to linebackers throughout the game.
  3. Did Gilmer have a bunch of turnovers in the game against Sweetwater because I am here in person and I just don't see how they made it this far. IMO
  4. If Longview can stop the big plays they will win. Point in hand Longview had 22 first downs to NM 8.
  5. Bye forfeited ineligle spectator trolling the thread.
  6. You must be a coach or in the school board!
  7. One word is all you need to know Friday in Mesquite, REFS!
  8. All tickets were sold out at Longview High School. Do not know if any will be sold at the gate. Make some noise tonight. Go Lobos!
  9. Leave King alone, if you want to be a coach go somewhere lead that team to a state title then come back and and have something to say. I heard there is job opening in Karnack.
  10. Man it #### to loose to schools that are a one or two year wonder Dekaney and LR. Especially to loose three games this year by a total of 13 points. 4th downs totally won this game by LR. We need taller corners.
  11. The only 3 things that will beat Longvew is Penalties, Penalties, and stupid lucky #### by the other team. Go Lobos!
  12. Sabine's running back#3 has not practice this week, I hope this injury does not effect him for basketball season. Everyone else is good to go. They need to get some energy going and win this game Friday night. Go Cards
  13. My son said they had tough practices all week long, everyone one of them is fired up and ready to roll. Safe travel to all the Mineola fans. Go Cards!
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