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  1. Sabine will be holding up one finger, #1at the end of the 4thQ.
  2. Mineola wins by 3 in the last seconds against White Oak. Mineola pulls away in the last quarter by 11 pts. against Harmony. Mineola wins by 3 against Jefferson. So basically it comes down to the last quarter, gotcha ya.
  3. Sabine Mineola White Oak Jefferson Harmony/Quitman
  4. I know Harmony's running back #8 was hurt in the White Oak game , his arm was in a sling. Anybody have an update on his injury.
  5. This will be Senior Night, I believe the Cards will be pumped up for this game.
  6. Sabine beats Rains 20 to 19 Rains beats Bullard What was the final score between White Oak And Bullard?
  7. We start winning a few games and get our own thread. Must be a first, that's a fact. Lol!
  8. From the othet side we were talking and said Jefferson has the size and speed, what I think is missing there needs to be more emotion out of Jefferson and we did not see it. Sabine was without there starting wr, acl against scrimmage with troup. Starting fullback out with shoulder surgery, against West Rusk. Starting corner out with concussion against Rains be back for WO. Jeffferson has also had some injurys with starting players. If Jefferson can get that fire lit they will be alright. Go Cards!
  9. Congrats Troup from Cardinal country.
  10. Just heard one of Sabine's starting corner is out with a concussion.
  11. What kind of injury does Hasty have, and when did the injury occur?
  12. Since the Frankston game in which we had several bad snaps, it was cleared up last Friday. With homecoming coming up and emotions running high, Sabine is hungry this year. Sabine by two touchdowns!
  13. It was a late 4th Q return kickoff that spelled doom for Sabine. We had the ball at about the Frankston 40, roughly 40 seconds left in the game, 4th and 7 incomplete pass to end the game. Sabine wins this matchup Friday night.
  14. Yes, they sure do Tiger #6 ran the ball hard last night. In the 4th he had to be helped off, I don't know if it was an injury or just cramps. Frankston will be a force come playoffs, Sabine just might make the playoffs this year, have to wait and see.
  15. #4 for Frankston, well against Grand Saline he had 5 recepts for over 200 yards, last night 5 recepts for about 40 to 50 yards, he did have a return kick off for td. Just stating the facts, lol.
  16. #4 got shut down last, Sabine had way too many turnovers and penalities. Good game though Frankston has a strong team. #15 for Sabine had an outstanding game covering one of the premier receivers in East Texas.
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