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  1. Franklin just needs to get the 2017 film of Newton vs Gunter and they are golden......lol
  2. I'm a fig newton, and this game is a toss up, I would love to say we are going to blow by them but it's going to be a game to see if you're a fan of the game.....Newton 28-21!
  3. Can we get Newton vs timpson in before district...I need that measurement of waskom and Newton.
  4. A win is always better but Newton just gave the little school 4a #4 team a battle. Congrats to Wos
  5. I'm from setx and some what a WOS fan.That said, WOS needs to stay clear of Carthage.
  6. Have they started chanting we want waskom?? Years back in the 2a playoffs 05 semi's they chanted we want Newton we want Newton. Well They got a 49-12 longgg bus ride home..... Newton went on to the ship to fall short to boyd
  7. Congrats!go get yall one! I'll be tuned in.
  8. Well this game made me feel better about my Eagles loss last week i honestly thought EF would of rolled by 21 .enjoyed watching the game congrats to both teams!
  9. As bad as I want to rub it in on daingerfield I can't, I respect the way they lost! Congrats to both teams, and good luck Waskom.
  10. I know of a setx team that put 80+ on Grandview in the playoffs, but to be fair I think it is out of the time frame yall are talking about.
  11. This young team trying to set high standards for next year! Should be a good game.
  12. The Qb yall had in 16 was scary " Newton vs EF was a game!
  13. Nah.. Lexington never seems to get over the hump...EB by 12
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