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  1. Lmao! Dang man, I’d figure we’d already be hearing regional champ talk lol. Atlanta will be in the playoffs imo.
  2. Good question. I’m not real sure tbh. Optimism says we’ll be fine, but realistically I think we’re going to be a couple of years away from another string of solid seasons. I know i know, I’ll take some heat for saying that but I’m just being honest. I guess for the next 2 seasons we can just keep saying “we’re young” lol, like another program continues to say over the past few years lol. I do think we’ll be fine. These seniors will definitely be missed and will never be duplicated. It’s hard to replace that caliber of talent.
  3. Razor you missed a hell of a game! This is what high school football is all about. 2 really good teams battling to the end, but 1 had to go home with the L unfortunately. My Dawgs may have lost the game but they came away with something more important and that was character! The fight, heart, and teamwork can’t be taken away. Very proud of this group of young men! Also to Malakoff, y’all have a very special team with the same characteristics I listed above. If you’re gonna lose a game then losing to a team like y’all and in that fashion....then that’s the way to go out! Good luck to y’all all the way through.
  4. We’re not talking bout you, we’re talking bout those cheerleading sidelining hating @@@ folks
  5. Great game Tigers! Y’all have a great chance to win it all. Just gotta get that D to tighten up a bit but yalls offense is a monster! Good luck the rest of the way
  6. I’m with ya 96, a lot of crickets lol. Of course they’ll start up now since this is over, but sure was quiet during the game. And yes....the curse continues....just can’t get over the hump
  7. He should’ve been the QB last season when we played y’all. Even though we only had the ball for 6 plays the whole game he definitely would’ve made a difference
  8. So you probably about 400 people behind me lol
  9. I think it was around 4 min left in the 1st quarter before I got in the gate and Malakoff still had the ball on their 1st drive lol
  10. Good job GW! I honestly didn’t see this happening. Man was I wrong.
  11. Good luck to both team! Pulling for HS though
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