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  1. Should be a good game...But I think Baker & staff are like 110-0 coming off a bye week.
  2. Expecting Carlisle to pull away in the 2nd half. Got to cut them turnovers out though!
  3. Damn, Im old...I had to Google what a PS5 was... hahaha
  4. Appreciate that brother. Love working with these two schools! Great coaches who love their kids on both sides.
  5. First - Chain it was really good catching up with you. The Game - Carlisle played lights out for the 1st half & then they got a little worn down. Troup did not execute very well in the first half, But they never gave up and turned things around in the second half.. Special teams was a huge factor last night. Blocked put returned for a touchdown, blocked extra point, & a 51 (that's right 51) yard field goal by the Carlisle kicker. Enjoyed the game & best of luck to both these schools the rest of the season!
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