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  1. PNG looks to me like they can’t handle adversity well and crumble under pressure…
  2. I’ll never forget that Hail Mary….. QB Was very close to stepping over the line that play….
  3. I was sure hoping the duncanville coach could win him one! I’ll be pulling for them!
  4. Or did north shore beat them again last year ..? I couldn’t remember.. was it 17 to 10?
  5. Yes sir! Seems like it’s them two facing off every year… lol maybe duncanville can win back to back!
  6. Looks like a great crowd!!! Probably will be a ton more for that last game tomorrow night…
  7. That Carthage game looked like a 1st seed vs 4th seed first round matchup lol
  8. I guess the PNG coach wanted to keep those timeouts in his pocket… after that good run , he could have possibly gotten in field goal range
  9. Albany has some pretty good team speed as well! #4 and #5 are big and fast and #10 is fast even with the busted knee
  10. This game is on 664! The Refugio and hawley game will be on 671 tomorrow
  11. #4 and #5 are men amongst boys for Albany! And #10 is just as good and has a ton of heart!
  12. Yes sir! I believe newton and daingerfield hold the most state titles in 3A! It’s no secret brother why the same schools are there every year … it’s in the culture and the (TOUGH) program they are running
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