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  1. Yes sir I believe he played 97-99 .. my problem isn’t necessarily that he painted the locker room , it’s that he changed the offense/defense and it just isn’t working.. the practices have turned into just flat out easy .. im gonna stick it out with them and see what happens next year , cause I’ve been a bulldog fan since I was old enough to be carried up in the stands.. but if this happens next year something needs to be done
  2. Yes sir I think everyone from corrigan is doing just that
  3. The new coach painted over everything in our locker room that started in 97-2019 .. all that was tradition, they have taken away 4th quarter in practice.. too much babying going on now , coaches afraid they will upset the parents
  4. New staff wasn’t needed .. we have been to the playoffs 22 years straight! But that ended this year . The school board ran off our head coach because parents were saying he wasn’t giving enough attention to the other sports ... our head coach goes to Livingston as the offensive C and is taking them to the playoffs, which by the way they haven’t been since 2012... and they are currently undefeated in district... no we haven’t played newton close in years .. but let’s get real not many have... the parents said they wanted change. And that’s exactly what they got!! But not for
  5. That’s what I’m thinking man .. we don’t have the size to be in the spread .. we have always had a fast stout line and we could get our speed outside with the pitch .. we don’t even run pitch anymore..... I miss the wing T.... we returned the 5 freshman that was on varsity last year , and moved up a jv team that only lost one game.. you don’t go from that to where we are now .. in my opinion we need to get back to the wing T and get back to bulldog football
  6. Yes sir he was on the 97 team that started the playoff streak , coach Ratliff is a great guy ! I’m still gonna support him and hope things get turned around before district
  7. Oh I really like a good spread offense if you have the kids that can run it .. I just hate the playoff streak has to end possibly but all streaks end eventually I guess it’s something all teams must go through
  8. Yes sir that’s what I was thinking but coach Ratliff was calling it pro style
  9. We’ve always ran the wing T so I’m not real familiar or use to seeing it .. we are in shotgun a lot now and run a lot of read option and even some wild cat ..
  10. Yes sir it’s a pro style offense.. I guess I’m just stuck in tradition , I love a good ground n pound game .. too much has changed IMO, the bulldog was taken off our helmets that’s been on there my whole life since I’ve been watching.. and all the tradition was painted over in the locker room and weight room.. Years of tradition gone ..
  11. I’m gonna be honest .. I wish we would have never left the wing T... CC has always been known as a ground n pound team .. it’s just what we do , yes you might stop it but guess what we gonna run it right back at you .. ive been watching CC football a very long time and this is the worst I’ve ever seen us look ! Team looks absolutely lost and can’t get nothing going .. they better dig down deep or the streak will end
  12. It’s gonna be in Crockett! That’s where it originally was.. but nobody knew how this storm was gonna turn out..
  13. The game is back on buddy ! It will be played Saturday at 7!
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