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  1. You wasn’t on here a few weeks ago beating your chest when y’all lost to woodville.. you must’ve been sick or busy that week .. but it’s fine.. CC ain’t got no athletes and will probably be lucky to make the playoffs.. we don’t have no right to be on the field with anyone from district 11.. especially with our average players .. there is that better?!
  2. They aren’t mentioned much .. it’s always bussey or brooks , brooks deserves the acknowledgment because his team is the two time defending champs .. but since you brought up the other athletes from timpson.. I 100% agree! You don’t even hardly hear anyone mention V Howard’s name… great athlete!
  3. #2 Jkoby Williams from beckcville is a great RB and athlete! Very nice speed #15 Paxton Hancock from centerville is a great RB! joaquin has several good backs ! #3 javorian Williams from CC is a great QB.. RB.. WR.. great speed.. many great athletes in 2a that deserved to be mentioned.. I didn’t say they were better.. but definitely deserve to be mentioned!
  4. Is this what it’s come to on here now?! Lol arguing over two kids .. as if they are the only good athletes in 2A… I can name several more worthy candidates that deserve to be in the mix !
  5. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.hudl.com%2Fvideo%2F3%2F13176099%2F63326f6b4797080f3cb1e79a%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR05u8o_op8xwf4ouczVu1XL0LvcglJJU6R4XK8GLLAa-jwE5dAO4AxvOL8&h=AT1yOp4Od1FEsxpj8nVwX6eDuJv44sqCiZsaKw2Unaq8OpKkHlkD8tfppZebnwV14qIvYuZ7biOAqWuxYD1MOIKihl_I0BWAXMYzxOZB0KXv8_sMbw4xTFflPYI_MVU&s=1
  6. I agree! Lol that’s why I asked.. cause you was the one that mentioned playoffs first.. and talking bout the 3rd round already…
  7. You got cooper picked to beat centerville or CC?! Lol for them to get to the 3rd round they will have to get past one of us in the 2nd round
  8. Yeah that’s how I figured it man , beckcville and Joaquin will most like meet in the 2nd round .. And whoever gets 2nd out of centerville and us will get y’all in the 2nd round ! so many great teams this year man!!
  9. Yeah if cooper wins district, they would meet either beckville or or Joaquin in the 3rd round.. beckcville and Joaquin will probably meet in the 2nd round! Just my predictions lol
  10. yeah that’s what I was thinking! I remembered you telling me the other day.. I was sitting here saying to myself that match up ain’t gonna never happen anyway lol
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