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  1. I wouldn’t be so sure on that.. lol considering we beat them last year and are returning everyone this year.. it will be nothing easy about it whoever wins
  2. Here’s a few athletes returning for CC this year , I’ll have to get some of the others and post on here https://youtu.be/0hbVcnXfiMg
  3. Shoot man I’m glad them eagles is flying somewhere else now.... I’m very excited!! Especially to get the battle of highway 287 back going!!
  4. Good luck to the rams this year! I seen y’all have a pretty tough district
  5. Us and centerville had a brawl that went into overtime last year in pre district! We both returned everyone.. I expect nothing less than another hard fought battle
  6. Normangee groveton saratoga - west Hardin jewett - Leon centerville corrigan - Camden
  7. Yes sir! I’ve been picking Franklin all year .. nothing against the other teams .. i believe Franklin beat Lorena 27 to 20 .. and Lorena has a high powered offense that has been scoring 50 .. 60 points in the playoffs .. so for Franklin to hold them to 20 says a lot about their defense.. and yes I know waskom has a great defense as well before someone attacks me lol 21 to 14 Franklin!
  8. Yes sir they are stout! I feel like it will be Brock vs Lorena at state in division 1 this year
  9. I’ve picked Franklin all year and gonna stick with it just like I have with shiner .. Franklin is hungry for a championship! Not saying waskom isn’t...... but it’s a different type of hunger when a team is on a mission that has never won one
  10. I deleted everything I said . But for the record I didn’t bring this up
  11. Lol well the guy that talked to me had Adam on his account name .. then it changed to the official... might not be you ! But someone was on there doing it with the name Adam !
  12. I’ve had shiner picked to win it all again this year, had them picked since before playoffs started, Just like I’m predicting Franklin to go to state in 3A division 2
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