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  1. Don’t get your feathers ruffled kirt cause I mentioned another team besides timpson…. for the love of God let me bounce out of here
  2. Kirt everyone has to win this week if they want to move on…. you missed my point!
  3. I don’t ever hear nothing bout poor dalton brooks ! don’t get me wrong.. Terry bussey deserves all the Attention he’s getting! I’ll make that clear !! but dalton brooks is going for his 3rd consecutive ring…. I think he deserves a lil attention as well
  4. Yes sir timpson is getting after it! cooper is a good football team! Pretty good speed , the QB and RB are brothers .. they are smooth together running that offense wish it was closer so I could see this awesome game!!
  5. We played cooper close 20 to 14 til midway through the 4th quarter.. then due to the soft program we running nowadays, we got tired and cooper ran away with it lol they better fix the problem and quick! but what I’m getting at…. Our 2 touchdowns were passes it wouldn’t surprise me if y’all air it out Friday night!
  6. Me you and mr Joe will pull the I gotta go to the restroom card before the ticket gets there…
  7. Looks like a great athlete! #15 ain’t no baby himself…
  8. And centerville only lost to them by 1 point ! And they ran it at them , so y’all got a good chance man! Let those big backs wear em down
  9. To all the daingerfield fans ! I already had respect for yalls program.. but after last night I have much more! any team that holds newton to 16 and don’t let them score after halftime deserves some props! harmony has improved.. but I still believe they will have their hands full with newton! If you think all they got is #5 then you simply just haven’t seen them in action.. #6 is a load and you better know how to tackle and get low when you are doin it … they also have a few good receivers.. but their running game is their strong point in my opinion! I say newton wins this game by 20 points
  10. Yeah there was a few folks from Corrigan there last night keeping me posted! Said he showed out as usual…
  11. I didn’t get to watch last nights game, I was goin live at the newton and daingerfield game, hoping this game ain’t too far so I can go watch
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