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  1. I deleted everything I said . But for the record I didn’t bring this up
  2. Lol well the guy that talked to me had Adam on his account name .. then it changed to the official... might not be you ! But someone was on there doing it with the name Adam !
  3. I’ve had shiner picked to win it all again this year, had them picked since before playoffs started, Just like I’m predicting Franklin to go to state in 3A division 2
  4. I was at the game in 2019 against newton when he was just a sophomore! I just watched the game again on u tube .. he was showing out that night at linebacker! Hate that he is hurt
  5. Dang! Lol hopefully that don’t happen to us ... we only had 5 seniors and wasn’t healthy at all going through district and the playoffs.. had 5 starters out .. we was stout at the beginning of the season , we beat a very good centerville team in overtime that is their only loss this year , they are playing timpson Friday night
  6. Lol I never said I wasn’t pulling for timpson! But I just feel like it’s shiners year again.. but you could give some of yalls fans on the football Friday app the same advice about rooting for east Texas .. someone from timpson been making fun of CC saying don’t we have a basketball game to get to
  7. The brooks brothers will be the difference again this year ! Shiner all the way to state
  8. I’ve told people all year you have got to contain waskoms QB!! He is the leader of that offense in my opinion.. because he runs that triple option to perfection... he will have you thinking the plays going up the middle to the FB .. before you ever realize he is 15 yards downfield already.. #7 .. #12 .. are great runners .. but #8 sets them up for it ! I’ve had people argue with me about this .. but put a different QB in and see what happens ...
  9. I have had y’all picked all year to make it back to state .. not taking anything away from waskom or daingerfield!! Cause they are both great teams .. I feel like daingerfield will be looking to make a point against waskom
  10. Maybe not .. but I still think Franklin will be there waiting in the semis , Franklin won’t try to beat you with speed , their game plan is more of a smash mouth football deal .. but their offense has been putting up big numbers .. and the defense looks very very greedy
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