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  1. Lol my kids know the safe code. But only 75% of the guns are in there so it really doesn’t matter I guess.
  2. https://www.prideofdetroit.com/2023/1/26/23572540/former-lions-defender-jessie-lemonier-dies-age-25
  3. I would venture to say that if this was implemented that the price of goods would go down due to over head being down at the company.
  4. Rich people buy more goods than poor people, they would pay more in taxes. And they actually couldn’t cheat this way. Win win.
  5. These videos always amaze me. Guy is in a diner freely talking about committing crimes against humanity
  6. Don’t look at the UK either. But wait there is more to come ...
  7. It doesn’t compare it to wealth. A higher percentage of AA are poor, therefor a higher percentage of death would also occur. It’s a poor problem.
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