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  1. another one of the White Hispanics.
  2. Give me a way to get the government out of the schools with out decimating public schools. Don’t say vote either, unless you agree that voting for school choice and decimating public schools is the only way. There are no candidates offering to remove a government from schools.
  3. To the OP, I have a useless 4 year degree. I got nothing from it and do not work in its career field. Higher education is important if done correctly, which we don’t obviously.
  4. Is your argument to people who don’t like the direction of our system is we keep voting for the people responsible so we are stuck with it? Weird argument. Also, removing gov from education would allow no side to ram any thing “down our throat”. Which is what (most) people are asking for. Remove the government from education.
  5. No, just think we need to point it out every time.
  6. lol Right on time with the hit piece, while your party is literally funding Nazis in Ukraine. The brazen hypocrisy is truly stunning.
  7. No answers to my question. You tell me I don’t understand but don’t explain it. This is the grown up equivalent to the kindergarten “I know you are but what am I”. So underwhelming.
  8. I’m sure the context of which Sam Houston was speaking is the exact same as today. Defaming? Is it not well documented that he was a drunk? Or a politician? You libs use words that you have no idea what they mean.
  9. A drunk politician agreed with you? Say it ain’t so.
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