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  1. WO needs a lot of work. Here’s to hoping they win.
  2. The Blue Annon is strong in this one lol
  3. Only time someone has been prosecuted for stealing something that isn’t real. Interesting
  4. Barry has to do a lot of digging to find anything to make him forget PedoPeter.
  5. After all the nonsense Biden is doing, these propagandist on this site come up with a picture of trump on a gold course. Wow wont be happy til the country is ruined. Even then they will blame someone else. When is the national divorce thing happening?
  6. When the Feds prosecuted the two guys who stole the diary, they authenticated it. Idiots.
  7. Underfunded? Every time a government program fails this is the typical response. More money won’t help the gov be efficient or effective. They suck at everything except killing people. That’s why they should be in charge of the military only.
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