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  1. It’s no one’s civic duty to double pay or find a public service you don’t use. Removing the school portion of your property tax would not require any addition or increase in existing taxes.
  2. Unholstered and ready for violence. Haha That truck will never show their 🫏 again at any fast food joint. Hopefully think twice before getting cross with anyone.
  3. I mean look at what he did to the 2nd amendment. That alone removes him from top president discussions.
  4. I saw the top ten 3 were white one was black and the rest were Mexican. Sounds like listing Mexicans as white is there strategy
  5. Just a frivolous lawsuit. If wrong doing took place then sue the providers. Not the state.
  6. The lawsuit wasn’t over abuse and over medicating I don’t think. It was over non compliance right? What were they not complying with?
  7. Suing over non compliance? No actual victims? Seems like some soft lawyering. Article doesn’t give enough context either
  8. More outstanding citizens relieving people of their troublesome combustion engine cars. PS: always put keys in your pocket while filling up.
  9. What are Democratic values? keep power at all cost? welcome every kind of sexual deviant imaginable? class warfare?
  10. How would you feel if the company just moved to another country that didn’t strike?
  11. Everyone we would use the anti trust law on the government put in that position.
  12. The rich always get more wealthy during Democrat years. Decrease competition thru regulation and consolidation of market shares allow for record profits. (Ex. Price of oil and oil company stocks during Dem years.)
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