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  1. How about 4 million to the public health facilities in Ukraine. For equity in testing smh
  2. https://www.usaspending.gov/award/CONT_AWD_72012124C00001_7200_-NONE-_-NONE-/ how about 59 million to female farmers in Ukraine. @BarryLaverty
  3. These people keep up with what Russia does more than our own government.
  4. But in this case the used the procedures to pass a bill that wouldn’t have passed one legislative body.
  5. Not one mention of Male or Female. Funny how that works. They have no logical argument for putting males in females sports. Which is exactly what Title IX protects. This is insanity. I have a young daughter who will lose opportunities because of this. Shameful.
  6. This is the way. Everyone forfeit against them and they will completely kill public sports. Private sports entities will pop up and they will be more relevant than public schools.
  7. How perverted and low can this administration go? You take away protections from women and open them up to abuse and torment from mentally ill people.
  8. Take money from the people and give it to other people and call it job creation. We are not a serious country
  9. No US funding for any of this.
  10. The racist determine what a black name is and what a white name is then say everyone else is racist. Go figure
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