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  1. Then there was that time in 2020 when Argyle went undefeated all season long just to get beat by the undersized Lindale Eagles in the state championship. Its a movie in the making Hey it could happen!
  2. I agree...lindale gave up 3 touchdowns to lbj in the 2nd quarter and i think 2 of those where from lindale fumbling the ball over. Other than that lindales defense held tbem to 1 score in the first quarter. Lindale shut them out in the second half. I know we cant afford to turn tbe ball over at this week
  3. Im still on cloud 9! Lol ive been a die hard Lindale Eagle fan every since i graduated from lindale in 2002. This team never quits and for the first time in school history we will be playing the championship at at&t stadium. Of course i want to win it all but im stoked to make it this far. Jordan Jenkins was really banged up at the end of the semifinal game with lbj. Im hoping he will be healthy enough to do what he does best for the championship. Lindales defense shut out lbj in the second half. Hopefully that intensity rolls over into the lindale/Argyle game. Im not making any predictio
  4. Lindale does a good job at stopping the run and has decent pass coverage. Coaching has been phenomenal this year as far as making adjustments. The players love each other and are very disciplined. I know they are going to leave it all on the field Friday. Lindales strength is their offense. Lindales O-line has been paving the way for Jordan Jenkins all year long. Sam Peterson at QB is good enough to run the ball and has several receivers to connect with on the field. I think this will be the best defense lindale has played. Lindale will keep them guessing and if you give Jenkins an i
  5. We played at nrg stadium a couple years ago which isnt much further i guess. I didnt get a chance to make any freshman or jv games. I want to say their record was good tho
  6. Lindale is continuing to make history with the most wins in school history. I dont know much about LBJ except their 10-1 record. Who you got?
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