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  1. Lindale turned the ball over when attempting to throw either by interception or turnover on downs. There were several drives where they should have "ran the dang ball" lol Also, Kilgore killed us on special teams I agree with Jakeelee05....Kilgore definitely out played Lindale but i feel the game "could" have been closer if we had ran the ball in certain situations.
  2. I hate that! He always supported lindale if vidor wasn't in the fight
  3. I dislike playing vidor lol....they are scrappy and you never can tell who has the ball with that slot t offense. Give me lindale by 14
  4. In the case of a 3 way tie one of the 3 teams will get the gold ball. Coming from coach Cochran...if chapel hill beats kilgore by at least 11 lindale will get it
  5. Im not real sure how point differential works but i was talking with coach Cochran and he said thats what would have to play out for lindale to get the gold ball
  6. So if Lindale wants to take the crown, chapel hill will have to win out and beat kilgore by 11 points or more!
  7. That was intense!! Way to get the W! Hard fought game Palestine
  8. Chapel hill should win this one pretty convincingly....but Henderson could make a game of it
  9. No doubt turnovers will keep you from scoring but i also remember chill going 4 and out a couple possessions
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