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  1. Good season Eagles! Congrats kilgore on the win! Good luck the rest of the season
  2. Good defensive stand by lindale to get back in this one! Lets go lindale!!
  3. Lindale will have to make a few stops on defense which has been a struggle with real fast teams. Once you get past our first line of defense and get out in the open we've gotten beat! If we can make a couple stops on defense our offense is capable of throwing up a lot of points. No predictions from me this week. Heres to a good east texas Thanksgiving Slugfest
  4. Way to go Eagles! We'll have a packed house next week.
  5. Man this is a haul! Would love to go if i can! Does anybody know what happen to Patrick Daneils. I didnt see him on the field friday?
  6. Good Morning Football Family! Its GameDay...safe travels....bring a poncho. Lets go Big Blue!
  7. Thats what every team says when they get on a hot streak! and then surratt proves them wrong lol
  8. Im pretty sure our number 1 RB is Patrick Daniel's and hes not injured. He was at the beginning of the year. He was our starting running back last year until he got hurt in the Henderson game
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