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  1. I think they have improved a good deal. They jumped on the injuns early last year. Maybe Carlisle gets a few issues worked out for this week's game. I'm hoping the Jackets and injuns get on track soon. Good luck to you guys Friday. I think y'all will win this week.
  2. Carlisle is still in the learning curve of a new system, staff and such. They have the pieces of the puzzle to work with, just waiting for the pieces to fall into place to create a picture. If that makes sense.
  3. I believe Carlisle starts putting the pieces together this week. Don't know what Lone Oak has, but when Carlisle gets on track they are gonna be hard to beat.
  4. Everybody can look good playing a lesser teams. Time will tell.
  5. Heck, who knows,the staff may still be using these tough games to see who needs to be on the field, and in what position they need to be in before district starts. I dare say if Carlisle had played a powder puff pre district schedule the Tribe would be standing at 4-0.
  6. Cushing and Mt are playing much better too. Of course Alto and Tenaha are always tough.
  7. If Carlisle ain't too banged up after this 3a guantlet they've played it ought to be a good competitive district.
  8. Yes, need to play with enthusiasm. From the stands it don't look like a field leader has stepped up to keep the fire going on the field. Coaches can't be in the huddle so to speak.
  9. In my opinion, we should have won this game, but hats off to Mildred. They take the W.
  10. The Indians had two very productive drives in 2nd half and both drives im referring to the ball got snapped over QBs head and lost about 15 or 20 yards on both to stop the drives. We continue to shoot ourselves in the toe. Problem is, we are running out of toes.
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