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  1. Congrats Lindale! Watched the game. Kids never gave up. Perseverance paid off.
  2. It's not on Texanlive.com. I was depending on that. Where can we catch the game streaming. Someone speak up !
  3. Shiner will be a hard out, but I'm going to be pulling hard for Timpson. There will not be a harder runner on the field than Courtney, and not a better over all athelete that Busby (spelling)? I say the young freshman will make his mark on the defensive side of the ball as well this week. He's a player. Good luck Bears !!!!
  4. Yes, the beer is cold, but that's one of the few upsides. Maybe they will get better,they haven't been open long.
  5. Should be a fun one to watch I may watch, it online though.
  6. Alejos behind Denny's at the corner of 79 and East Main. Awesome eating. The seafood (Caribbeon) is called Cabos. Hwy 79
  7. There is a New Life Church where Brookshire Brothers was in Henderson.
  8. Don't ever count Tenaha out. That's why you play the game. Pulling for the Tigers.
  9. I think Beckville wins this one easily if they bring their "A" game. Ask for video replay on questionable receptions and/or calls. Ha..... Overall, the officiating was good, but had a couple of human errors mixed about during the game. That's why you don't want a close game. The kids have to be good enough to get a substantial lead.
  10. I sure didn't think that was a catch either. It would have been nice to have that play under review like they do in college and the pros. Ha
  11. That holding call on the 4 yard line with 2 minutes to go in the game killed us too. That is the time you let your team mate get tackled if you are that close to scoring. In the heat of the game a player don't think about that. He did play a good game and hustled throughout. I kinda think the ref could a kept that flag in his pocket since the play was already by the penalty. But hey, hats off to Normangee. They had a good game also. P. S. Also wish we had ran BIG RIG up the middle for 4 straight plays, Oh well. We should be SALTY next season.
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