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  1. It's called Strategic Management Strategic management. Strategic management is the application of strategic thinking to the job of leading an organization.
  2. Maybe y'all can find some 3a's to play ya.
  3. Looks like y'all gonna be tough again this coming year Kirt.
  4. Just remember, Tinnyhaw has lots of speed. They can flip the light switch off and be in bed covered up before it gets dark in their room. Tru dat.
  5. Well, I ain't done. I gotta say this! In these young men's memories, this particular night is something that will live on. This young man pictured will always be able to say he was the QB that lit em up. These certain friends, team and coaches will never forget the night they racked up this many yards passing on a powerhouse Mart. Heck, they will be telling their grandkids this story. it's awesome.
  6. Great season Overton. You guys represented the district well. Hard nose and scrapy till the end. Congratulations.
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