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  1. He's got the talent to work with here for sure. Keep the kids interested and the numbers up and good things are in store.
  2. Coach Day was scheduled to meet with the kids this morning and spend some time with his staff.
  3. Anxious to see what Coach Day does WITH talent. We got that! More importantly, we have heart.
  4. I hope our kids have the character to give him their support as well. I think we have some good kids, so I really dont expect anything less. Let's go Indians! Let's make them feel like family.
  5. If he's the new coach, let's get behind him. Together we stand, divided we fall.
  6. 2 more wake ups before we know. I gotta pretty good idea who's gonna come out on top.
  7. Pretty sure it's narrowed down to 3 superb candidates.
  8. The Braves are getting restless! There will be alot of pent up energy to release when we get a new AD in here.
  9. I heard a rumor that there were around 70 applicants. Should be able to find a goodun outa that many candidates. I'm sure the board and Supt are trying to get it right. The kids are hungry.
  10. Drove by the school earlier today and saw quite a group doing wind sprints. Not sure who was leading them, cause I was driving.
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