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  1. Longview defense will be too much, and they just seem to know the game well. LOBOS
  2. It’s in the street, on baseball parking lot, the parking lot of the convention center. They need to relocate it. Game Day! CUJO!
  3. With all that fair equipment and no where to put it, it’s the worst I’ve seen and it’s unsafe getting in and out in an emergency. Hopefully they clear it up before the game.
  4. Those who are going and considering going to this game may want to get there early, it is like the end of the world. A good time for the new fire Marshall to flex his . Awful! plan on walking.
  5. Coach got a little greedy before the half with a 1min left. Should have ran out the clock.
  6. Well I have to say I had Marshall winning. Marshall turn the ball over on downs twice. It easily be 14 to 7 and possible 14 to 14. Tyler High is playing heads and shoulders above last year.
  7. I agree, Each team have had the ball 4 times. Marshall is finding their grove with each possession. 1st. 1fdown, 2nd. 3and out, 3rd. 2 fdown, 4th. 5fdown, and an inch away from #6. Tyler only had 4 fdown but 2 scores. Tyler 3 false starts, 1 personal foul. Marshall clean so for.
  8. I agree, it seem as if TL defensive plan was to shut down the middle. Their defensive ends was pinching in with no outside containment. TL did pick up a transfer from Grace on defense, but feel LP takes this one.
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