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  1. The Lufkin Panthers moves on in basketball with the win over Tyler High Lions from some timely three point shooting and unforced turnovers by the Lions. Good Game. Congrats and good luck the rest of the way.
  2. With Longview moving to 6A and Tyler travels is going to be 90+, I would to see HP and TH moving in with Dallas and Mesquite schools in 6-5A and call it 7-5A. Take the three Carrollton schools out of 6-5A and put them in 3-5A with Denton and the north Ft Worth schools. They are all north anyway. Why is Granbury in 3-5A? Take Granbury, Aledo and White-settlement back to their area with Burleson, Joshua, Cleburne, and throw in Midlithian, Red Oak. And they can call it 6-5A.. I Know, it’ll never happen.
  3. I Feel that Tyler should be appealing as well. You needing a couple teams to make out a south Ft Worth district so you s### on two East Texas teams and have the nerve to call it 7-5A.
  4. Congrats Gilmer Buckeyes on your SC. A special group of guys this year.
  5. Congrats Timpson Bears you took care of business in all phases of the game.
  6. Yes, I think the offense got a little pass happy. Slow it down just a little, and try to stretch LV defense to slow it down.
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