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  1. What a turn of events. I don’t think anyone was setting the second half. What A Game!
  2. What game. Crosby QB got a little shakey the last couple possessions.
  3. A spirit of Never Quit Never Die. NQND Lets Go Lindale!
  4. Best of luck Eagles , Do What you do. Win, Win,Win
  5. Amen! If we as a people, fans, can learn to enjoy the moment, journey. Season do end, and a season starts.
  6. A very good thorough observation of the last five years. I could go on and on about the basic techniques seems to be lacking, with the many other challenges that goes on off the field. Not even talking about wins are losses. You said it! The bothering thing about it is, it could take just as long to get back to winning on a consistent level. A Dysfunctional Family JMO “Aren’t We All” CUJO!! We Will Be Back
  7. I had to turn the sound down on the TV, I’m just looking at the uniforms.lol
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