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  1. I’m pulling for Duncanville but I see the Buffalo Bills of old written all over this. North Shore with the win.
  2. I’ve got to look at the good to keep from being so sick. Congrats Bulldogs! On an amazing season.
  3. Gilmer tighten up that middle, they'll be ok, cause they are putting pressure on the QB.
  4. Go Get Em Bulldogs! No doubt LBJ has the speed advantage by a couple of players. On offense they have five guys that can take it to the house. If CH play the way they played against Kilgore, they’ll be ok, with out the 17pts cushion. Fly to the ball and limit LBJ big play. CH secondary cover pretty good, they will have to play a tighter coverage against LBJ. I notice in the Kilgore game CH sustained some long drive, and that will be ideal. It seemed as if LBJ weakness “if they have any” is the middle of their defense, and not giving account for the QB on the run. Do you change your offense to attack their weakness, or continue to do what got you here? . Go Bulldogs!!
  5. If it's LBJ, most likely it will be in Waco,
  6. good call, and good running by the back for LCM
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