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  1. What a game, for those who love baseball. The Lobos had two of my favorite play on defense, more than a double play, more than a strike him out throw him out, and that is throwing out the runner at third base from the outfield. “I Love That Play.” I haven’t seen that many people at a high school baseball game in like forever. Great game Lobos baseball.
  2. Lancaster 34 Longview 19 2:00 left in the 3rd
  3. https://fb.watch/iUo96IjWUu/?mibextid=v7YzmG Something I thought you guys would not mind looking at.
  4. Just posting some upside information on Coach Woods Woods joins the EPS team after serving Oklahoma City Public Schools as the John Marshall High School head football coach since 2012. He led the John Marshall Bears from a winless program the season before he took the helm to an Oklahoma football powerhouse, including three district titles and a state championship in just six years.
  5. Now this is very interesting to me. The word “Culture” wasn’t mentioned but change on the campus has been talked about higher up.
  6. Eagles and Bulldogs, Let The Game Begin, Stay Focus On This Week.
  7. I thought so too, the last two series when I read incomplete. Humm
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