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  1. Oh yeah Tigers. They always win at Henderson.
  2. Less than 18 hours until the Cowboys unleash an unprecedented beatdown!
  3. This should be really good football weather. Think I will make the game since it's the undefeated championship and all. I bet I need to come 20 minutes before kickoff to find a seat!
  4. Bearcats streak rolls on. Truestorie
  5. Might the Grapeland vs Joaquin game be the hardest ever fought high school slugfest of our generation? Just asking.
  6. You boys might as well come on over to the winning side of Texas.
  7. Obviously this is Don Henley and Larry the Cable Guy.
  8. Boom this would be a good fit cause Doomie looks like pigpen most the time so he would match Woodstock and Snoopy.
  9. Rumor has it they are having it personalized and it's a rare watch to begin with so it may be a few days late.
  10. Old Dommer has bee suspended yet again due to overstepping Smoaky.com criteria. Let's start petition to have his sentence either shortened by two hours or extended by two weeks! I will be the first to sign: Signed-SloppyJoe
  11. If they steal this Game 2 we can call them the SHELBYvillans!
  12. Schiffty is gonna campaign for senate now I hear.
  13. https://dehayf5mhw1h7.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/sites/831/2018/11/29104928/IMG_3770.jpg?hl=en_US
  14. She asked presidents real questions no matter which side of the aisle they were on. RIP Mrs. Walters.
  15. OK. Now you're just G-stringing them along now Trueblue82.
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