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  1. 25 minutes ago, GATA18 said:

    I know ya'll won't take what I say seriously after the spanking my dogs got from Cooper friday.. But I am telling ya I have witnessed firsthand the beatdown of physicality Cville can dish out. This should be a nailbiter, I say one score either way. But all of yall saying Timpson is gonna run away with it are simply mistaken. Joaquin and Garrison gave the bears fits in their meetings, and I will tell you right now, Cville is more physical than Joaquin... Now Joaquin has a better back in #3 than Cville has but Cville has a rotation of hard nosed backs to tote the ball. Cvilles O line are men among boys they will dominate Timpsons sub par D line all night, the only remedy Timpson can have against it I see is Bussey running the alley and cleaning everything up. That's if a back or O lineman isn't trying to cut him in half with mean cut blocks all night... And as far as Garrison goes, they gave Timpson all they wanted, and Cville would make them look like chumps. Timpson has played a couple physical games this season, and pulled both of them out. But this one here is gonna be even more so a smashmouth affair, nonetheless Timpson can win this thing, they are just gonna have to play a near perfect game, as is Cville.. And Cville has better DB's than Joaquin or Garrison as well so the "Air Raid" isn't gonna be as much of a factor as some of you may think... Should be a good one!

    Don't know about that. All I see is the Tiger defense calling timeouts confused and sometimes arguing amongst themselves saying "I had Howard you should've had Bussey." Hey I could be wrong though.

  2. 42 minutes ago, KirtFalcon said:

    Rodgers needs to hang 'em up .... ole boy has lost a couple of steps and the Packers are on the decline  .... his run is 'bout over ....

    Yes sir! He has made alot of noise but about 1 lost step from a catastrophic ending. At least he is built sturdier than Alex Smith and Joe Theismann. 

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  3. On 11/3/2022 at 6:07 PM, DaveTV1 said:

    He was the most amazing punter in my lifetime.  He could punt it to the roof of the Super Dome, inside the five and drop it like a dime, only had 3 punts blocked in his career, and could even run through tackles for 1st downs.  He was one of the few Raiders that I liked.  

    Guy, Snake, Madden, Biletnikoff....they have quite a awesome all-star team upstairs now l hope!

  4. On 11/1/2022 at 6:58 PM, Hayseed said:

    The Battle of the Attoyac has had some fairly unpredictable results sometimes. I think it was around 2010, coach Washington's final season at THS. Timpson (1-7?)went to Garrison who was undefeated 8-0 I think. Lorenzo Young broke a long run for a score and a big kid playing defensive tackle ( coulda been a relative of Bussey's I believe) picks up a Dawgs fumble and races 95 yards to set up another score. State ranked GHS escaped with a narrow win 22-21 despite being highly favored.

    Boom. Add tonight on to the Attoyac Battle collection! Awesome game.

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  5. 22 minutes ago, SilkyJohnson said:

    So coaches shouldn't try and put their programs in the best possible chance to be successful, both in current and future weeks, because old men on smoaky think that it makes them look soft, entitled, and weak? 


    It is easy for us all to say what should and shouldn't happen from behind a keyboard. But the outcomes of the games do not effect us. They do affect them. They are the ones who have to answer questions about wins, losses, personnel, etc. They are the ones whose job security is determined by on the field success. They want their programs to have success. They aren't moving games because of the kids. THEY ARE MOVING GAMES FOR YOUR KIDS (grandkids, etc). They want them to be as successful as possible. 


    Also it is kind of weird that you want them to run around in dresses. 

    Well, if you are gonna try to bring common sense into the conversation and ruin things for the rest of us.

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