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  1. I worked there for a year (1988). We stayed in what appeared to be a good clean duplex stucco building type community. If you didn't take tools and electronic devices inside they where gone whether they were locked up or not. We saw the SWAT team on our roof 4 times all for different apartments.
  2. Old trucks (a vehicle to haul old dogs) Wranglers or Levis
  3. There are many many teams who are exactly opposite of this as well!
  4. Houston is in a sad situation. I just don't see where high draft picks would be exited to be drafted by the Texans.
  5. The tranvesites don't try to compete in traditional girls sports like softball, volleyball or gymnastic floor dancing I've noticed. It seems to me it's usually the events where a little testosterone boost would give a female a noticeable boost.
  6. Boom!! I agree Cole'man! Gropin Joe ain't injecting me with no chip either.
  7. SMH. What is wrong with people.
  8. Bet they need a big fed bailout for this!
  9. Alex Cloudy at Timpson is Head b-ball asst. football may be headed towards 30 soon though.
  10. Be nice to see her swinging and kicking her feet!
  11. Gropin Joe and the Hoe wants to tax the humidity and raise the prices on air conditioning.
  12. This looks just like any fieldhouse in Shelby County during the offseason. They will all be best friends again by August.
  13. Not gonna inject no microchip or sterilizer in me!
  14. Who cares. I just sunk all my savings in ammo, can goods and barbed wire.
  15. Wish the IDF would strap Biden-Harris to the next missile and let them see up close what those innocent civilians look like.
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