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  1. The folks that watch that krud would go nuts if their news reflected the truth in any way
  2. I heard the riot will begin around 4 p.m. today.
  3. Canoe, dude on the scooter may avoid swallowing a bug because of the mask! Longterm disaster: Spam Or Underwood deviled ham?
  4. What time will the BLM riots start at the George Floyd trial?
  5. ^ Maybe they can have some success on the diamond too!
  6. Watt is supposedly inking a deal with the Cardinals.
  7. Gropin'Joes plan to fuel the states with fairy dust and unicorn fartz is working out about like his plan to start curing covid in his first hundred days.
  8. Easiest way to count would be to put a step counter on his lip.
  9. I think the Saints get Taysom Hill, L.Murray and Alvin Kamara for half what Zeke gets. There is quite a bit more production there.
  10. No difference in Gropin' Joe and The Ho'.
  11. Tom Brady is now my GOAT QB. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Saints fan and would pull for the gold and black in any game against his team. Over the years I've seen so many "Belicek's system carries Tom conspiracy theorist" in denial. Like the dude or not he has made the best of his talents as a 199th draft pick IMHO.
  12. It's like getting tired of WalMart shoes and going to Target to buy a replacement. If you are gonna spend the $, AND use draft picks, why not go on to Academy or Foot Locker and buy you some dagum quality footwear!
  13. Chiefs but the new Patriots has a chance.
  14. No defense is built to compensate for a 40 million dollar RB who produces 5 TDs. Well unless they got to play against him!
  15. Would be surprised if his next trip to Houston wasn't as an opponent.
  16. He may eventually reconnect with one of his previous qbs!
  17. I do and I also have a reel2reel so we can turn the games volume down and listen to some Boyz2Men and Backstreet Boys! Diana Ross was actually the halftime act.
  18. Now that Washington got bounced in the wild card round we can rest. By week one of next year Cowboys fans will be ready for the road to the Superbowl all over.
  19. Statement like that is as good as a walk off dinger!
  20. Yep only got 42 yds vs Giants. He did get his 5th rushing td but I don't feel he should renegotiate.
  21. Zeke is at 937 yards going into the regular season finale. I'm really thinking he may get it. If he doesn't, don't feel he renegotiates early. Just not enough leverage there.
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