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  1. Guy, Snake, Madden, Biletnikoff....they have quite a awesome all-star team upstairs now l hope!
  2. Boom. Add tonight on to the Attoyac Battle collection! Awesome game.
  3. Well, if you are gonna try to bring common sense into the conversation and ruin things for the rest of us.
  4. That's pretty cool! And they could've called him Mahomes 2.0.
  5. Dude has the skills to work for the Clintons! In Cali would this be cashless bail since he's an illegal alien?
  6. The article goes way out of the way to avoid saying whether Pelosi and the assailant knew each other. Is there any information as to if the guy was Nancy or Paul's dealer?
  7. Dommer's streak extends to 3 games if they pull this off.
  8. Socialism sucks. I like to make my own calls. They aren't always right but they're mine.
  9. Truth. Home advantage. Pretty sure Louisiana does or did do this.
  10. I could've pictured him at the helm of the Texas Tech Red Raiders "guns up offense" too.
  11. Fresh off the San Jac river across from Baytown and Lynchburg!
  12. Hurts is the man until somebody beats the man.
  13. Going with S.A. in what may be the hardest fought contest of the year!
  14. Better go with the undefeated Bears here.
  15. I'm an addict. 100% strung out on the stuff.
  16. Who is paying for 3rd world foreigners to give $8-12k to coyotes to bring them to border crossings?
  17. What the heck I'll vote Texians. Nobody's watched the Raiders since Madden and the Snake retired.
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