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  1. I love the way they call the towns "host cities". These folks aren't our guest they're, many times, criminal invaders.
  2. If you go by how each team played against Beckville, it would be advantage Dragons. Seasonwise it's pretty even money.
  3. Bears probably by more than last season.
  4. Sure am glad I was wrong. Think Horns may pull this thing out.
  5. Think Saban's fixing to stick it to 'em.
  6. What a drive. Bet we are closer to Canada up here. Hoping a Bears win makes the drive home quicker .
  7. Tigers by 5. I can make it too. What's cooking?
  8. Doomer. Besides installing Brandon in the oval office, this is the dumbest idea ever. True Story.
  9. Yep. I'll just have to let the teams play the game out.
  10. With Jerruh the defense is often sketchy. Boom!
  11. I used to use them alot. USPS hiked rates 3 times in the last 5 years and a couple of seasonal temporary hikes on top of that. I gave up my Ebay store I had ran as a side-hussle since 2014 cause they had to be making more money than I was on certain items.
  12. Oil and gas lobbyists are using Ukraine to push for a drilling free-for-all in the US. Let's do this! BOOYAH.
  13. Has there been any attempts to cross reference the Capitol protesters with the BLM/Antifa crew. I suspect some of these cats just thrive on mayhem and discourse. I'm completly serious about it.
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