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  1. If I was commander and chief ol' Kyle Rittenhouse would get the benefit of the doubt.
  2. It's been over 25 years since them glass 'Clackers' took a kids eye out.
  3. They definately will hate the fact that he has a right to defend himself. They will likely drum up some kind of superficial charge to nail him on though. And BLM/antifa are gonna riot with no consequences regardless of the outcome. I haven't heard of any of the rioters facing charges.
  4. 24-19 now. Whoops Saints up 25-24 now 1 minute left.
  5. You can tell when the Libs are lieing because their lips start moving.
  6. After the win over Joaquin I think the Bears have a chance! Bears
  7. Timpson vs Joaquin game next week may be the district championship
  8. Inflation is off the chain and the S&P has dropped 200 points since Friday.
  9. This game could swing the Bears way!
  10. 51 zip final but was not as close as the score indicates.
  11. Think it was like 2014 or 2015. Bears were like 0-8. Went over to GHS who was like 7-1 or something. Was just supposed to to be a formality , but Bears big man picks up a fumble rumbles like 84 yards to give THS the ball first and goal. Bears score and later Lorenzo Young returns a kickoff for a score. When all the dust settles Garrison made a huge stop on a 2-point conversion to win like 22-21 maybe?
  12. Got a feeling yesterdays massive FB outage makes alot of the prosecution's evidence "fake news."
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