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  1. 85lobooldschool would be the one to ask. Dude nailed the exact score last week.
  2. Never had a slave never will. Never will take part in bringing down someone of any color, even whitey. ---- doomer 2019
  3. I bet he squirmed out of the $1000 bail that never should have been offered.
  4. Texas is just supposed to pick up the bill and say thank you as their petroleum jobs are sent to russia,iraq who knows where.
  5. Boom. Walk-off grand slam for the extra inning win!
  6. I refuse to call Brandon's inflation elevated sales.
  7. They obviously have some biased Homer's. Nothing like us!
  8. Still kinda sad that the protesters attacked an armed teenager.
  9. Ever since Naismith nailed the peach baskets to the auditorium balcony, b-ball has been designed for an offseason activity for prepping for the next football season. Since football is still being played there is no need for round ball talk
  10. If I was commander and chief ol' Kyle Rittenhouse would get the benefit of the doubt.
  11. It's been over 25 years since them glass 'Clackers' took a kids eye out.
  12. They definately will hate the fact that he has a right to defend himself. They will likely drum up some kind of superficial charge to nail him on though. And BLM/antifa are gonna riot with no consequences regardless of the outcome. I haven't heard of any of the rioters facing charges.
  13. 24-19 now. Whoops Saints up 25-24 now 1 minute left.
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