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  1. After the second half of Friday's game with Waskom, I feel the Bears has a chance in this one. THS 61 MEHS 2
  2. 110% agree with Retiredfan1. Non patriotic morons are what makes folks storm buildings.
  3. Where on the doll does it hurt when you have to show ID to vote.
  4. Been over 25 since the Member's Only jacket ruled the discos.
  5. Not overly optimistic this is the year. Dak and Zeke looked like they were on today's sidelines more as a P.R. move than for future game preparations.
  6. My vote for 2021 homer of the year! If I wore blue and white I would follow this man into any battle.
  7. Both these two teams played their hearts out whether they were up by 16 points or down by 28. Lessons were probably learned by some growing athletes but I, as an outsider looking in, feel neither team in this contest needs to walk away shamed!
  8. He said "The boyz look to be in midseason form! Yep during the middle of last season they started to fall behind and they look exactly the same!"
  9. 100% agree. GropinJoe and the 2-Bitho both need impeachment.
  10. It's been over 25 years (1995) since Major Payne terminated the bad guy in Tiger's closet, with extreme prejudice. ....next..........
  11. Praying for an awesome 2021 season. These kids have gotten the short end so much
  12. Tatum won't score sixty points on a Meeks defense but Center don't have Horace. Probably about a 24-20 game either way.
  13. Bidens china plan may be to sell the USA out through the back door one piece at a time.
  14. Why wouldn't they just place the chip in the syringe?
  15. Thanks. The microchips they place in migratory birds are smaller than a grain of rice. They've used these for over 12 years now.
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