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  1. I'm thinking this will be like Carthage vs Kennedale last year. LH will need to do more than just run the ball. Carthage wins 49-24
  2. No doubt LH is a great team, but I think Carthage will win. This game reminds me of Carthage vs Kennedale last year. You gotta do more than just run the ball to beat Carthage
  3. Congrats Henderson. No excuses from me. Good luck next round
  4. Should've just kicked the field goal
  5. Nobody is scared about this game. Wouldn't you like to know if this game will be postponed? Either way I'm sure Moffat will get his boys ready
  6. It's 10:50 AM and the poll is split 50/50. Interesting
  7. That's what I thought too Matt. What does Greg Tepper have to say about this game? Lol
  8. It all depends. Some games still need to be played. Especially with Van vs Henderson. Personally I'd like to see Van eventually face Midlothian Heritage if that's possible. That would be interesting
  9. This sounds like a good game. Brownsboro by a TD
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