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  1. Hoping HS can get things lined up and righted this week. Gonna be another tough one for sure, but they will keep working hard and finish. Gonna be a good (cooler) night for football. Let's see what we can do tonight boys. Hope for a clean game, with no injuries, and safe travels for both teams.
  2. You must have a roomie named ROMOHOF. You boys drinking from the same cup. Troll on, scrub.
  3. I've been watching HS all season and they have been playing hard all year. They been having a bad run lately and hopefully they can get it turned around before too long. Been quiet on SDC this year because the HS threads been pretty tame and quiet, but I saw and heard some things after the game tonight and just want to say this. Leadership, sportsmanship and class start at the top. It can also end there. I'll leave it at that.
  4. Grandview has a pretty big and solid defensive line as well, but they have a couple of very good LBs that can plug those holes, provided they are open. One thing you can bet on is Grandview does NOT miss tackles and they swarm to the ball...very sound and well coached.
  5. Typical post. Get a life dude. There’s an obvious reason why you’re not here anymore.
  6. Time for talk is over. Now it comes down to who is prepared and who will execute. HS had a great week of practice and looks to be ready. HS will take this one, in a close game. Handle business and leave it all on the field today. Safe travels for everyone and hope for an injury free game for both teams. MUSTANGS!!
  7. You have me mistaken son. Don't get caught sleepin'.
  8. Why are you here? I mean, WHAT exactly is your purpose other than to talk down HS fans, program and athletes. You should really feel proud of yourself for injecting your negativity into something that actually means a lot to a team of young men and their fans. Please do us all a favor and leave the thread, or just leave SDC. Find another way to grind your axe over your apparent hurt feelings. Stop letting your keyboard give you courage, and prove your character. I shouldn't even acknowledge you, but damn dude.......enough already.
  9. As ususal...way to support your team and congratulate them on their season. I hate to "troll" you guys, but GEEEZE-US! What a miserable existence you have been to your program ALL season. I hope the PP players don't read your constant bashing of their team and administration. Keep it "in house" dude. Maybe you should find something else to do with your time. Good season PP....it will come.
  10. No doubt GW. One would almost forget there is a game to be played lol
  11. Nah, it's all good. Romo is from the end of something, maybe misery road (last house on the right), it seems. Some folks just like to hate I suppose. Thanks and same to you guys as well.
  12. Sorry boss. I didn't know I included you in my comments, or even said anything to you. I was in the military too, but I don't address that subject on public forums, or allow comments to deter how I feel about that part of my life. That belongs to me. Be a fan of whatever you choose to be a fan of, and do what you want, but seriously...get over yourself. Oh, and go check out the definition of the word "troll" if you need clarification of the word. Hint: it's not Gollum
  13. Well, you should know the definition of SAD, Chief. Like 88 said, you are really making yourself look foolish. Let it go dude and move along.
  14. And for the record, although my comments are "unintelligent" I have backed DF against other teams all season, just not against HS. The smack talking is usually just good fun between ETF and Crank. It is FAR from getting trolled at every turn by Romo and yourself at times. The problem is, not being able to take what is dished out. I hope every team in both of our districts win out this weekend, no matter the odds or matchup. Most of the teams in our districts have long running ties and good rivalries and some of us actually support all of them, unless we are opponents for the week. I don't see anybody on the DF thread talking like you and Romo have on this one. HS should be proud of the season they are having, considering last years cluster and what most everyone predicted for them this year. What matters is THIS season, not last years or 4 years ago. HS will line up tomorrow night and play their game, and will play for 4 quarters. The outcome will be what it will be, and no one knows what that is. I do know they will play hard until the final whistle. Good luck to your team or teams moving forward and I hope everyone stays healthy. HS 32 MIN 20
  15. 30-23, don’t make him feel better about it
  16. I’m not here to entertain you. But obviously you do care, hence the reply. I don’t use that word often. That’s an 88 special
  17. But they beat DF, 2 years running. Hmmm....
  18. Nah NB, just taking a few extra flushes with BB and Romo. They must be FaceTiming tonight
  19. So, trolling the school your kid goes to, on a thread about their playoff game means what? Might show more character if you didn’t ride along on someone else’s butt hurt post about the school your kid got to. Ya think? I hope he’s able to play again, and there’s no sarcasm intended in that statement.
  20. I don’t think anyone was calling Kilgore out. Seeems like being trolled by a fan of another team that hasn’t done much, probably makes them look a “rider”, or sleeping bag buddies with another troll on the thread. Get back over to your DF/LO thread and finish your Cheetos and Yoo Hoo.
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