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  1. Better go hire Jowell Hancock. Former Fightin' Indian. Never knew why Jacksonville people cant be hired as HFC in that town.
  2. what does he run offensively?
  3. I believe RAIN is forcasted. All this buildup and then it rains.
  4. Will Athens still make the playoffs, or will this defeat, deflate them to much.
  5. After looking at this . Looks like Van all the way. I wished my friend (Coach at Athens) didn't have to play this great team.
  6. Athens may be in trouble. Van is state ranked in the AP poll. They must be really good this year.
  7. Van 35-21; Van 34-17; Van by 2 and 3 TD's; Van rolls. I guess Van will destroy poor Athens. I just can't find a winning team to root for this season.
  8. I give up on football this year..........gonna' take grandkids to Little Mexico every Friday nite.
  9. How is the new staff at Winona doing this year?
  10. I don't get to see them play much because I go watch those Cats' play(Palestine). But, Coach Essary keeps clipping off good years over at Athens. I hope he wins this one.
  11. I told ya'll about that young Blankenship coach. He is the key to there success.
  12. The Hayes' boy's are football geniuses. I would not count them out of this one.
  13. 2 or 3 real good players with the ball.
  14. the reason for Ore City success is there Offensive Coordinator.
  15. C'mon Cats' hang in there. Make me proud.
  16. Sitton will outcoach them. Chapel Hill will not lose to a se texas school. He is not coaching against Curtis Barbay.
  17. Week in/ Week out I pick Chapel Hill. Sitton is the best Head Coach in East Texas. Sitton is the best.
  18. I went to school with Essary' so I am pulling for Athens.
  19. You are right. I retract my question. Good Luck to the 'Cats' , I will be there Friday. Claw those Birds.
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