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  1. WOW!!! only one age of this thread?
  2. Give me the Tigers by 2 scores.
  3. 41-14 Tigers. We are playing with a chip on our shoulder now.
  4. The Tigers in a close one. 21-10 21-17
  5. Game Day Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Going with the Tigers. What I have seen so far our Defense is going to be tough. If the Grandview QB has time to throw and they have the speed on the out sides it will be a close game . I think i will be a low scoring game though because it is early in the year and I think we will be able to control the clock with a number of good RB's and pretty good O line. But we will see.
  7. I honestly do not see that happening but you never know.
  8. Anyone can beat anyone on any given day and we are not taking MV lightly they made it this far for a reason. We just need to come out and make a statement early in this game and not rely on the 2nd half to get it done. I believe our coaching staff will have them ready for this one and the boys are hungry. Tiger Nation will be there loud and proud no matter what happens. Good luck to both teams and hope they stay injury free.
  9. Malakoff takes it in a close game for 3 quarters then they pull away. Good luck to both teams and hope everyone is healthy when its over.
  10. I will take my Tigers in a close one. Much respect for GV here in Malakoff.
  11. Gimme GW it will be a GW vs GV state championship game
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