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  1. Oakwood vs. Loraine Silsbee vs. Cuero Mart vs. Lovelady PNG vs. Ft. Bend Marshall Kilgore vs. Chapel Hill Newton vs. Harmony Shiner vs. Refugio Longview vs. Mansfield Timberview Carthage vs. Pleasant Grove Timpson vs. Cooper Grandview vs. Malakoff Franklin vs. Columbus
  2. English will by far be the best athlete on the field come Frisay night. It will all boil down to keeping him contained when he is at QB and having help over the top when he is a wide out. Not that he is the only weapon yall have but he is the engine that pulls the train. I am sure we will have something in place. If our line continues to play the way they have I like our chances on moving the ball and controlling the clock. I predict a 27-21 Tiger victory.
  3. There are probably not any 2 teams that know each other as well as the Tigers and the Zebras. The coaches probably know what each kid on the opposing team eats for breakfast. Both teams have explosive offenses and have have the ability to score quick but I see this as a low scoring game compared to the previous games they have played. Give me the Tigers 27-21. Malakoff's kicking game gives them the edge in this one.
  4. I will take my Tigers but will hold off on my prediction until later in the week
  5. For two such good teams this thread has died.
  6. Tigers!! They are the more complete team. 35-14
  7. We need to stay humble there is a lot football yet to be played. One Game at a time. Enjoy this win and back to work Monday. This is a special group of young men it may be the most complete team we have ever seen.
  8. Still have 2 quarters to play....we can not let up.
  9. Getting close to kick off good luck and hope both teams come away injury free.
  10. Not saying it won't happen but....no one has put up that many points on us all year. I look for this to be a low scoring game 28-21 Mally.
  11. Let's face it .....both teams are pretty good or they wouldn't be here. The team that wants it the most and plays a clean game will probably be the one moving on. I'm sure both staffs have a few wrinkles added and have schemes on both sides of the ball just for this game. We will just have to wait and see who that is. Good luck to both teams.
  12. I pay ZERO attention to any predictions that is only an opinion and we all have one. It will all be settled Friday night on the field. I just hope both teams bring it and come out healthy no matter the outcome. May the best team win.
  13. Back in the day Marcus was a beat of a RB. He keeps us all in stitches.
  14. I will agree up tempo has given us a few problems. Hopefully we gave ironed things out. This should be a really good game. Could come down to turnovers.
  15. Like I said. I could be proven wrong. Time will tell though.
  16. That was Sept and we shut it down after halftime adjustments.
  17. I could be proved wrong but, this is the best core of DB's and coverage LB's we have seen in the last 10-12 years. Passing may be tough unless the running game can get going.
  18. This should be a good one. Taking the Tigers in a hard fought game.
  19. Region 1 Shallowater vs Brock winner Brock in a close game Region 2 Malakoff vs Pottsboro Winner Malakoff Region 3 Columbus vs Franklin winner Franklin Region 4 Llano vs Edna winner Edna Malakoff vs Brock winner Malakoff Edna vs Franklin winner Franklin Malakoff vs Franklin pick'em but I hope its Malakoff
  20. I think our JV would hold its own
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