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  1. Im going with my Tigers in a close game
  2. We plan on keeping him busy. Im getting a group together to finish getting there house ready. And he is going to help.
  3. Ok so by that Logic If we beat Grandview ......we would have SMASHED yalls face mask in? Correct ? It kills me how people come on here using this kind of logic. That is why the games are played. You can not judge the outcome of who 2 teams have played to determine a winner. The fact is Franklin is setting home going over full court presses and Malakoff and Grandview are still playing football. Good luck on the hard court.
  4. The key for us this week on D is CONTAIN ..IMO... #3 is pretty good in the open field but Im sure our staff knows that, They have had a pretty damn good game plan so far. Our guys are hungry....not that GV's aren't. I just think our boys are playing for more than the State Championship and are on a mission.
  5. Good lord!! May not have to worry about playing Brock any more. They all may kill each other from the Football Friday posts I gave seen. LOL
  6. I have nothing but respect for GV a great team and both kids and fans have class. I look for this game be no different than the one we saw today. 2 great teams giving it every thing they have for 48 minutes. I have to go with my Tigers in a close low scoring game. Good luck to both.
  7. I am seeing a lot of If's and's and but's on other threads from teams no longer in the hunt. Also bring up past seasons and past games this year, stats and so forth from both teams. Throw all that out the window....it doesn't come into play now. It all boils down to something that can not be measured on paper...HEART!!! Which team is willing to step up and accept the challenge? I understand each town is going to back their boy's because we know them personally and know their hearts. I'm pulling for my Tigers of course and will be proud no matter the outcome with no excuses. I hope both teams come out of this injury free and can say they left it all on the field and have no regrets. GO TIGERS!!!!
  8. This is going to be a good one I BELIEVE. I have watched the Tigers since I was a kid so about 50+ yrs and this Defense ranks right up there with the '90 team and it was one of the best I have seen. There is also a different feeling with this years team and their confidence keeps growing each week. Tigers take this one and get a rematch with Grandview in Jerry World.
  9. What number is your kid Rab4? I watch some video there are a few I saw that can impact a game. #4 #5 #8 #15 #22 all look solid to me.
  10. We do not have anyone who run better than a 4.6/40 so I guess none LOL. It is pretty much a team effort on our part.
  11. Who are the studs from Atlanta we should be worried about? Asking for a friend. I figure since we have the game plan already we should know who to look for.
  12. Our #8 Caleb Adams had a hell of game today. He was all over the field on Defense and so was #32 Colby Rush. Hats off to the entire D they rocked the house today!!
  13. Carr may dress but I doubt he will play much if any at all.
  14. I think this game may come down to who has the ball last. Im going with my Tigers by 2 or 3 points.
  15. Malakoff for all the reasons stated above
  16. I think it will be a 2 headed monster. Both will get their touches and both should be successful behind a very good offensive line that will should only get better with every game.
  17. WOW.....50+? It may happen. Tigers by 3 or 4 TDs. I hope we don't have starters in the 2nd half if we go up big early, no need to get anyone hurt in a meaningless game.
  18. Pretty disappointed in this thread. Where are the Teague fans?
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