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  1. Weather...the great equalizer
  2. Malakoff D-Line looked pretty bad against WW but showed improvement at times against Elkhart and you have to take into account most of them play both ways. If they can get it together and slow the run down it will be a very close game if not we could be in trouble. Our kids and coaches have found ways to make things happen in the past and I do not expect anything different this week. I have to go with my Tigers in very close one.
  3. Teague by 13 Malakoff by 26 Kemp by 7
  4. The Malakoff D Line was getting blown off the ball all night....raising straight up and getting taken out of the play...if they do not learn to get low and block up running lanes good running teams will have a field day. Hopefully they can get that corrected. Westwood was a very well coached team they will only get better as the year goes on....those kids played with a lot of heart.
  5. The problem is move in people that think they can move in and take over the town and start making changes and in this case the Old Timers like myself are not going to stand for it...Once their kids are gone so is their support anyway
  6. OK just wanting opinions here... There is a huge debate in my town right now about Football uni's not being the School colors....how would you feel if this happened at your School?
  7. You forgot about #8 Soph QB Judd Miller 13-15 280 yrds 3 TD passes and rushed for 2 TD's
  8. Player to watch for Malakoff #1 #2 #8 #11 #22 #42
  9. I read where you gave up runs of 20,67,40 &74 yards for TD's...If the Malakoff kids get outside they will be hard to catch that is all I am saying
  10. I will have to go with the GOLD Tigers in this one by at least 3 or 4 scores....to much speed
  11. Why would these stats not at least get an HM 153 carries 1466 yrds and 29 TD's ?
  12. Great game by Buna......your kids showed up to play......as coach 001 said we had no fire...our fans were sitting on their hands all night. I guess I am to old school..I will never understand why when you need 1 yard you hand then all off 5 yards beep in the backfield. Good luck from here on out. You wew the better team
  13. I will say K'ville but Elkhart D is pretty good....not much depth and they wear down in the 4th ....K'ville 35 Elkhart 24
  14. I seem to remember a lot of the SWTX guys saying Dist 11 would sweep Dist 12
  15. Something tells me it will be very quiet in here tomorrow
  16. I would not say Teague dominated malakoff.....stats show that.
  17. I have not seen Kountz play so I can comment on them. I have seen Teague and they have a pretty darn good passing game and a good O line...the key will be if Kountz QB has time to throw. How good is the Kountz O line?
  18. Bud....Thanks for the info I will be listening and pulling for you guys.....Good Luck and hope yall come out with a win and injury free...After all we want a rematch...LOL
  19. IMO Kountz will probably give a good showing for the first 2 quarters but Teague will own the 2nd half. Good luck to both teams and I hope everyone stays healthy. Teague 52 Kountz 21 99 will this game be on the radio and if so will it be streamed on the net?
  20. Deputy20...check all my posts.....I have given Buna nothing but respect... I said I believed the winner of this game will be playing for the regional championship. As far as Dowell goes he ran for 307 yrds against Teague and most of the came after he had been hit 2 to 3 times....I hope they do take him lightly its to our advantage. I never said it would be a blow out and still do not think it will be...the team that makes the fewest mistakes and makes the right adjustments during the game will win this one and move on to the next round. Im from Malakoff so yes I think they will win what would you expect.
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