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  1. Someone needs to call these guys and tell two of them to arrange their microphone better… can’t hear the commentary. Bearcats hanging with them but I seen the same thing against Waskom…. Look out in the second half.
  2. This is the Carthage-China Springs game… which Carthage is about to go down 24-17… less than 1 minute 30 seconds … 1st and goal China Springs
  3. I guess this game ain’t on the radio… looking on 100.5 FM? Is it being streamed?
  4. Richland Springs Timpson Waskom Diboll Carthage West Orange-Stark El Campo PNG Crosby Daingerfield Gilmer Lonview
  5. Will be interesting to see how re-alignment goes with Aalto and Carlisle prolly moving down.
  6. I believe they only lose 3 seniors that start…Plus we have a 6-1 JV coming up… the only game they list was to Carlisle… which were very well coached. JV had wins against Garrison and Lovelady twice. QB coming up will be a sophomore and can throw the ball as well as run… he see the field well and is just as scappy as his older brother last few years before this one. Bearkats we’re not able to stop Evadale’s #12 who scored on a hook and ladder and just flat out outran everyone…. 3 plays over 60 yards.
  7. Well, The Bearkats had their chances… hats off to the Evadale Rebels and good luck going forward in the playoffs. I believe they will win their next game. They knew what worked and they took advantage. Scored two of their TD’s on the play I said they needed to look out for and would not adjust. Bearkats had the ball inside Evadale’s 15 four times and either fumbled or turned it over on downs due to lack of variety of play calling and poor execution. Probably good execution would have got the job done… but that’s the way it goes. Cushing will lose 3 seniors but have a good 6-1 JV moving up. The lone loss to Carlisle which has some of the best coaching you could ask for. My hats off to the seniors playing their last game… I feel for you young men… this is a life-building step and you put forth the effort. You will be better for what you have experienced the last four years.
  8. 1st down at the 25 yard line thar Will just about do it last time out for the Bearkats 3rd and 3 at the 18 Rebels 19-13
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