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  1. Lindale has been playing at the 5A level until this year.
  2. Lindale also dropped down from 5A this realignment and is traditionally a 5A school.
  3. Timpson... but I do believe the Bearcats are gonna put all in.
  4. Roger Holmes mentioned he will most likely have it on Facebook Live. He said that in the chat on FoxSports Southwest Football Friday score app. I suppose I will at least get it through that sight yall have mentions and the radio broadcast through Mixlr... app.
  5. Will this game be steamed on any website? Last week we were told no steaming allowed now... but I thought I saw where the Timpson-Leon game was supposedly streamed... Anyway, not heard of any local radio station putting the game on unless it is new info. I found it on Mixlr last week... guess we are stuck with that if we were not able to get a ticket.
  6. Still trying to get access to the site. Not sending my confirmation e-mail. Thanks, et_Football.
  7. I just heard that the UIL is not allowing live video this week...smh anyone know if a radio station is putting this game on? Nacogdoches radio stations #### for not finding a way to. Out their teams in the county on every Friday night. Ok...rant over. JS If anyone has the Fox Sports Southwest Football Friday... please keep us updated on the game.
  8. What is the link to watch this game online...? Last time I picked it off of Facebook.
  9. Yes, congrats to the Pirates. They cans ready to play and had a good game plan.... sure a lot came from the second half of the Cushing Colmesneil game.... where the Bulldogs outs ore the Bearkats 38-28.... mostly from forcing turnovers in the special teams... and just not giving up when your down 32-0 at the half. Bearkats came out flat...before I could get in the gate from the long line there at Bulldog stadium in Jasper, it was 16-0 Deweyville. welp, I’m sure the basketballs got aired up this morning in Cushing.
  10. Welp.... end of the 3rd quarter... a player for both sides ejected from the game for fighting. Bearkats just aren’t in in mentally and Deweyville wants it more. 36 - 8 Pirates Bearkats has an 70 yard td called back for ineligible lineman down field...smh. 44-8 Pirates after penalties put them on the 5 yard line.
  11. Truth... the young man leads by example! We’ll see what happens in the second half. Bearkats had them going backwards and then forced a fumble at the 5 with 40 ticks left in the 2nd. we’ll see if they have it in them.
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