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  1. We’ll see in 80 hours roughly… might go see this game!
  2. Yes, with QB and running both sophomores as well as a lot of younger players, they should build on this.
  3. That’s what well-coached, complete teams that play all phases of the game to max do. You can’t win championships without being complete… being mediocre or just plain bad on special teams play will rack up some points quick for the other team… quickly!
  4. Well… 49-7 at the half… I expect the 2nd teams in the second half Bearkats had a 7 or 8 min drive that resulted in a TD… but that’s all . been nice to have that long sustaining drive in the subsequent possessions snd yo get a stop or two… but nothing resembling that. Good gsme going between Beckville and Joaquin
  5. End of the first 14-7 Mart Mart on a couple plays just tackled Bearkat defenders… but… the ball hits you in the hands u have to catch it instead of the tip drill.
  6. Is there a stream for this game… I have down CT and cathlab that will keep me late tonight and tomorrow so I will not be able to go this evening.
  7. I had not idea we have to purchase tickets online…. Is that a state-wide thing or Madisonville way?
  8. For a team to get consistently better… you have to play the best to get better…work hard week in and week out and developed the culture and heart that wills you to win when u want to lay down and quit. Bearkats need to look at this as a step and give everything they have. From here on out, they need yo be playing 2 notches up in completion with whoever will sign up with them… next season may be a done deal but next realignment, you have to raise the bar or you will never get there… especially with a doubter’s mentality.
  9. Any update on start time… looks like rain has just about passed Crockett by
  10. Wondered about the same with Colmesneil and Cushing…. Been knowing it for a week before last game. Chain, sent you a PM… but just wanted to say Happy Birthday, Devil Dog!!! Proud to be a part of the best dang fraternity in the World!!! 247 years and proud of it
  11. Gonna be a nasty, messy chilly night it looks like…. I guess Thunderstorms earlier in the day and chilly rain in the evening. Bearkats gonna take it again!
  12. Happy 247TH Birthday to all my fellow Marines out there!!!
  13. This one I’m talking about is an Alto player… I hope all the guys heal up on both sides and the Injuns take care of business one week at a time.
  14. That is a lot of fall out from a hard fought game. I had heard from a Cushing native the Gresham, who is originally from Cushing had just got released from being injured a couple of weeks ago… came back tonight, and had to go to the hospital with a possible back injury… only hearsay but I hope he’s ok and hope all the others heal ok and get back out there to do their thing.
  15. Congrats! Alto! We rooting for the Indians to do some damage in the playoffs, as well!!! While watching the Bearkats and Wildcats play, I heard that there was an Alto player who suffered a serious injury tonight. Anyone have an update on him?
  16. TD ME Ash from a yard out. Bearkat JV holds them on 2 pt con 38-18 Bearkats :16 left in the game
  17. Entire JV in on Defense holding up pretty well ME on the Bearkat 13 with 2:34 left in the game Ash 4 yard run to the 7
  18. 1st and 10 at the Bearkat 30
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