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  1. All you that were dissing Coach Nelson, just proves you are as dumb as some of your comments. Now line up and kiss his a##.
  2. Great job by the Daingerfield players and the coaches. They sure made alot of serial posters look foolish in their comments about the new coach.
  3. Jakebrake, how many practices have you watched the last 2 seasons. I have seen at least half of them. Coach Nelson impressed me from the first summer workouts. Always teaching and interacting with kids. Waldie had some good coaches on his staff. Let them coach. All this negativity does nothing but hurt the kids and the community. Whoever they would have picked to be Head Coach, I would have been behind 100%.
  4. Everyone is saying the next 2 or 3 years we will have the talent coming up. Who are some of these players.
  5. BoHogg needs to make sure he knows the facts of the so-called bar incident. All comments on that incident is no where near the truth. And yes the kids he has coached the last 2 years applauded the decision.
  6. Well, I wonder what James Duke will do now. Listening to some of his stalkers, he might run for President. Advise Jerry Jones on football operations. Solve world hunger. Do not know the man very well. But I do see him doing a lot for the community. Which is a lot more than most.
  7. Agree with "don'tknowmuch". A lot of these comments are negative and does nothing but make DHS look bad. And some of the posters on here are putting half truths in their comments. Is it to make you feel like you know what is going on. Or to make some good people look bad for your enjoyment. Instead of trying to tear it down, put your efforts into building it up, who ever the new coach is.
  8. Why describe what these people drive or their body type. Heck if you are going to throw rumours or just your opinion. Might as well say their names.
  9. Incapable of learning more than 4 plays,thats not saying much about the kids. But as usual you are wrong. They practised many more plays and formations in practice. And understood the plays. They were just not used in the games, for what reason,I don't know
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