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  1. Drive the hour and 45 minutes to Kilgore and get you some Country Tavern. Trust me you won’t regret it
  2. Harvey Williams! Wow there’s a blast from the past! Dude had a chicken neck but was great! How long was he in NFL? 10 years?
  3. Will Middlebrooks was a straight running baller as well. Not only was he an incredible QB/free safety, but he was hands down the best high school punter/kicker I ever saw. LaMichael James and him put on a show against Gilmer in first round(I think it was 2006). They played in Longview. Gilmer had a couple of future NFL players on their squad with GJ Kinne at QB; they were 10-0, and #1 team in 3A, but L-E ran right through em; one helluva game. That was a great night; Country Tavern ribs with great east Texas playoff football...couldn’t have possibly gotten any better.
  4. Bo Hodges is white if it’s the same Bo Hodges I’m thinking of; he was a fellow ATO at SFA back in the day
  5. Explain to me why Kirbyville’s football team has gone to garbage?? It’s the exact same reason PG wasn’t very good in football when he was there; PG didn’t just all of a sudden start getting great athletes; they’ve had them for as long as I can remember, which is a pretty good while back. The new coach there at PG came in, saw this guy was a problem, and quickly showed him the door. It didn’t take too long after that that PG took off in football. How can anyone argue with that??
  6. https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/mac-engel/article230958903.html
  7. Times kind of coincide at PG...he leaves, and they start playing for and winning state championships in football. Don’t get me wrong he’s obviously a good baseball coach, but don’t mess with football in Texas. If memory serves me correct the Carthage baseball coach that won a few state titles several years back got shown the door for discouraging kids from playing football. So this Jones dude is also the head football coach at Kirbyville? They had a terrible year huh?
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